Two different racking systems for the Mercedes Vito

If you compare two vans of exactly the same make and model, both with racking systems installed by Syncro System, the chance of finding two identical installations would be less than 0.1% – unless, of course, you happen to find two vans belonging to a company that has commissioned identical racking systems for a fleet of vehicles. In practice, we can state with confidence that every Syncro racking system is unique, not just because it reflects the needs of customers who do different jobs, but also because of the amazing modularity and flexibility of Syncro Ultra racking, which can be adapted to suit the personal preferences of van owners and their budgets at the time of installation. On this page we compare two Syncro racking systems in two identical vans, both Mercedes Vitos. The first belongs to a technician who installs and services civil and industrial heating systems. The second is owned by a door and window installer.

One common element: the lining

Both the Mercedes Vito vans seen on this page are protected against wear and damage thanks to custom-made interior liners. In the first example, only the floor has been covered using a birch plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface coating. The second van has been fitted with the same type of floor liner but, in addition, its walls and doors have been lined with painted steel panels. If you want to see other solutions for the Vito, take a look at this page.

The heating engineer’s Vito: a simple racking system with cleaning accessories

This Vito’s racking system is quite simple and the configurations on both walls are very similar. The left and right racking columns both start with a floor-level compartment and continue with a set of metal drawers and a top shelf. The floor-level compartments, however, have been equipped for different purposes:
  • The compartment on the left stands inboard of the wheel arch and features an automatic, shuttle-type case retaining system.
  • That on the right stands over the wheel arch and has been transformed into a useful storage compartment by the addition of a lift-and-rotate door.
  • The racking is complemented by two classic van cleaning accessories, a paper roll holder and a handwash kit with a plastic jerry can and tap, both installed on the racking at the side door. Want to see other racking solutions for heating engineers? You can find another Vito on this page, a Doblò here and a Berlingo here.

    The door and window installer’s Vito: the importance of securing cargo safely

    This door and window installer’s Vito has racking on both sides. A bar and lashing strap with sliding attachments is installed on the bulkhead and another on the free section of left side wall. This solution is complemented by two important accessories, a first aid kit and a paper roll holder, both mounted on racking side panels. Left side The racking on this side of the van is very simple but extra functionality has been added in the form of cargo retaining accessories. Proceeding from the bottom up, we have a floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door over the wheel arch, followed by three configurable shelves with non-slip mats and raised rear panels. Particularly worth noting on the front of the racking are two bars with sliding attachments, complete with lashing straps with quick-release hooks. This simple solution lets the user secure even bulky items of cargo like doors and windows with the convenience of being able to release them instantly for unloading at destination. Right side This side of the Vito serves as a work area and is equipped with a pull-out vice bench that doubles as a practical work surface, two metal drawers, one shelf, and two rows of transparent containers, some tilting and some pull-out, for small items like screws and spares. The floor-level compartment on this side is also enclosed by a practical lift-and-rotate door. Here’s a different racking solution for a door and window installer, featuring cargo bars. Want to see other racking solutions for the Mercedes Vito? Start looking here.





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