A Ducato for installing gate automation systems

Syncro System fitted out the van seen in these photos for a company that designs, constructs and installs automation systems for residential and industrial gates, roller blinds and garage doors. The package the firm offers their customers also includes maintenance and repair. To deliver this type of service and to carry out work at customers’ homes and premises, the company operates a fleet of vans, all converted into mobile workshops by Syncro.

A Fiat Ducato for an access automation service

To work in the most effective way possible, the owners of this van need: 
  • Shelves for carrying spare parts and medium size items of equipment;
  • Space for transporting tool cases, complete with case retaining systems ;
  • Containers for small and frequently used items;
  • Lots of free floor space plus provision for lashing large items of cargo or equipment securely in place.

Transforming the Ducato into a mobile workshop with plenty of free space

To design this Fiat Ducato racking system, the Syncro team started by considering the customer’s last request: lots of free space. To maintain the necessary floor area, the team installed racking along both side walls but only for a part of their total length. Half of the left side wall and the bulkhead were left completely free. Both these areas are also fitted, at half-height, with aluminium bars and sliding hook and strap lashing systems that can be adjusted easily to secure all kinds of load.

The Ducato’s Ultra racking 

After installing a floor liner and wall and door liners, the Syncro team went on to design the perfect racking system for the customer’s needs, choosing a configuration only possible with Syncro’s new Ultra system racking.  On the left side wall, starting at floor level, we have a compartment with a door, a case transport shelf with a strap, three shelves complete with non-slip mats and finally a full-length top tray.  The racking on the right side wall consists of another enclosed floor-level compartment, one case tray, three metal drawers, two open shelves and two shelves of pull-out plastic containers.  It is pretty obvious that the customer prefers to store all his sundries and small spares on the right of the van and use the shelving on the left for other purposes. The large case transport shelf in particular is intended to hold a large number of tool cases vertically during transit. 

A few, well-chosen accessories 

Some Syncro customers like to install a large number of accessories while, for others, just two or three well-chosen items are enough. Our policy is to offer every customer exactly the solution he needs, so our catalogue contains a vast range of accessories to choose from!  The presence of equally spaced holes in Ultra racking side panels allows customers to change their mind at any time, order a new accessory and install it exactly where they need it. This particular van is fitted with: 
  • A paper roll holder (at the rear of the left racking) and a handwash kit with water can and tap (on the left rear door) for basic cleaning; 
  • A silicone cartridge rack, a pocket and strap for long items and a cable holder for keeping the materials the technicians need tidy and instantly accessible. 
  • Two 11 W LED ceiling lights for illuminating the back of the Ducato, offering low consumption but plenty of power to allow the service team to work in a safe and pleasant environment.
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