Van equipment Syncro for industrial cleaning machines

Loading and unloading pressure washers and floor sweepers is a daily routine for anybody in the industrial cleaning business, whether the job involves the servicing and repair of these machines or the provision of cleaning and hygiene services for private and public buildings. Cleaning machines are inevitably bulky and heavy, but Syncro System has exactly the right accessories to load and unload them easily into the medium-large vans generally used to transport them from one site to another. Syncro’s long metal loading ramps offer a reduced angle of contact with the ground and boast loading capacities of up to 1800 kg! This page shows exactly how Syncro System fitted out one van used to transport industrial cleaning machines.

Van racking for industrial cleaning machines

The van racking system shown in these photos has a number of important features that make it ideal for the transport of industrial cleaning machines and equipment. These include a loading ramp, lashing systems for heavy equipment and an area with a workbench in resinated plywood. But let’s examine the upfit in greater detail. We’ll look first at the solution chosen for storage. Storage on the left side wall consists of a wheel arch cabinet with a door, a drawer unit with six metal drawers, a cabinet of shelves, some open, some closed, and two cabinets of Multibox transparent plastic containers. It is particularly important for containers installed high up in the vehicle to be transparent, as it allows operators to see exactly what is inside from underneath, without having to remove them first. A tray for long items is installed at the top of the racking on this side. A large section of the left side wall has been left free, and fitted only with a cargo bar and straps for securing equipment and materials. The right side wall is configured as the workshop area. The workbench, made from non-slip resinated plywood, stands on a cabinet that contains shelving and metal drawers. Units of transparent, tilting and removable containers are installed at the top of this side too. The bulkhead is fitted with cargo bars for attaching lashing straps. The greatest care was taken over the interior lighting in this upfit for an industrial cleaning service. Having thoroughly examined the range of lighting accessories offered by Syncro System, the customer chose to install five LED ceiling lights to provide an excellent level of illumination under all conditions.

The loading ramp: the most important part of this upfit for industrial cleaning

Syncro System’s loading ramp represents a simple but perfectly functional solution to the needs of operators who have to carry around machines like floor sweepers and pressure washers. These machines are bulky and often extremely heavy, and their small wheels can make manoeuvring and positioning difficult. To facilitate the loading of heavy machines with small wheels, Syncro System ramps are available in extra-long, heavy duty versions with a high load capacity and a reduced angle of contact with the ground. The ramp installed in this van for industrial cleaning equipment is a case in point. The ramp is fixed to the floor of the van and can be lowered when needed or folded away to the side to provide easy access to the load compartment.

Lashing systems for heavy equipment and a workshop area in a van for carrying industrial cleaning machines

As we have already seen, this upfit for transporting industrial cleaning machines includes a number of lashing systems based on cargo bars and straps, robust enough to hold even the heaviest equipment and materials securely in place during transport. The work area on the right side wall is equipped with a bench, LED lighting and a vice. These accessories greatly extend the functionality of this van by allowing it to be used as a mobile workshop as well as for transport and storage.





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