A Fiat Talento with racking for facility management

Effective facility management and industrial services are essential to keep production running. Only when everything is going smoothly can the system function at full capacity without stoppages. A van like the one illustrated on this page can play a key role in ensuring efficiency. The vehicle seen here is a mid-size van, a Fiat Talento, with a racking system specially designed to provide technical assistance and maintenance and to carry the spare parts needed to keep production running at all times. Requirements?
  • plenty of storage space for spares and tools
  • maximum tidiness to avoid wasting time
  • cargo security to avoid risk and possible damage to the vehicle
  • Do you provide facility management or industrial plant maintenance services? If so, read on ↯ for a detailed description of this Talento’s racking system. Want to browse other racking solutions for the Talento? Click on one of these options: liners, roof racks, racking.

    What’s the point of van liners?

    Commercial vehicles are subject to intensive use and have to carry heavy loads too. This results in rapid wear and can even necessitate a visit to a bodywork repair shop in a few years. On top of this, remember that the sheet metal in van bodywork is quite thin and really too fragile to withstand everyday use. It is pretty obvious, therefore, that protecting a van’s interior offers clear advantages for the van and for its owner. This is why Syncro System always recommends the installation of at least a basic lining system. This Talento is fitted with a birch plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface that offers high grip as well as excellent resistance to wear and impacts from falling tools and cargo. Racking is installed along both the walls and even the bulkhead is equipped, with each section designed differently to serve a specific purpose.

    The Talento’s left side

    The racking on this side of the van is designed to provide maximum storage capacity for tools and spare parts. It consists of:
  • large metal drawers with automatic latching mechanisms, configured internally with practical aluminium space dividers
  • two configurable shelves and two flat shelves with lift-and-rotate doors
  • two floor-level compartments with lift-and-rotate doors that make full use of all available space
  • a full-length top tray for carrying long objects
  • Three key accessories complement the racking on this side of the van: a paper roll holder, a silicone cartridge rack complete with holes for nozzles and a first aid kit.

    The Talento’s right side

    The racking on this side of the van satisfies the customer’s remaining requirements thanks to:
  • two cabinets of pull-out transparent plastic containers, providing a total of 12 generous storage spaces that can be further configured by adding internal dividers. Containers of this type are particularly useful as they let you see exactly what is inside and therefore reduce the time spent searching for spares and small items.
  • a large open compartment with a marble-look plywood panel over the bottom shelf and a cargo retaining system with a bar, strap and sliding fittings on the van’s wall. These simple accessories make this space particularly versatile and allow metal or plastic cases, jerry cans or bulky packages to be carried easily and securely.
  • three multi-purpose, configurable shelves
  • a floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door extending for the full length of the racking, exploiting otherwise unusable space
  • The Talento’s bulkhead

    The Talento is only a mid-size van, but this one operated by a facility management company has everything needed for the job. The space across the bulkhead is equipped with various versatile accessories:
  • a bar with strap and sliding attachments for securing whatever cargo has to be carried
  • two bar racks installed one alongside the other, each comprising a three-section metal pocket at the bottom and a lashing strap half way up the bulkhead for holding long objects securely
  • This particular Fiat Talento has not been fitted with a roof rack, but if you are looking for roof racks and roof accessories for your own van, take a look at this page to discover the many ways Syncro System can help you exploit this valuable space.





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