A Vito for a cogeneration firm

The racking system presented on this page was installed by Syncro System in a Mercedes Vito operated by a company that installs and services cogeneration systems. The vehicle is thoroughly lined, has racking on both sides and is equipped with accessories to make it completely functional.
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  • The Mercedes Vito’s complete lining system

    As always when we set out to install a racking system in a working van, protecting the interior is the first step and has to be done before any item of racking is put in place. Covering the van’s delicate body panels with robust, custom-made lining panels not only extends the vehicle’s life but saves you costly bodywork repair bills too. The owner of this van opted for a complete protective lining system.
  • The floor is covered by a plywood floor liner with a rubber-coated surface that provides an excellent grip.
  • The bulkhead is lined from floor to roof, again in birch plywood, but this time with a marble-look resin surface.
  • The walls and doors are lined with painted steel panels.
  • The left of the Vito: drawers and shelves, containers and a case compartment

    The left side of this Vito for servicing cogeneration systems is equipped with racking for its entire length. Every inch of space has been fully exploited thanks to the way in which Syncro Ultra racking can follow the contours of the van walls while remaining perfectly vertical at the front. At floor level, there are three compartments for different purposes: the first is fitted with a lift-up door to form an enclosed space; the second is fitted with a retaining strap to form a tool case compartment; the third houses a vertical oilless compressor that provides a compressed air supply when the van is away from base. Higher up are three configurable shelves with rear panels, non-slip mats and metal space dividers for creating separate compartments if needed, and a series of metal drawers with automatic retaining mechanisms. The next level consists of shelves for removable containers, complete with adapters to guide the containers in and out and hold them firmly in place. At the top, the racking finishes in two top trays.

    The right of the Vito: transparent containers and a vice bench

    The right side of the Vito is also fully equipped, leaving only the side door free. The compartment at floor level is equipped with a strap and hook system to keep cargo and material securely in place. Above this is a configurable shelf that runs the full length of the racking and, further up again, a set of pull-out trays with metal cases. These trays slide in and out just like drawers while the cases provide a great way to carry power tools and small parts. Apart from two small shelves to hold frequently needed items like insulating tape and scissors, the racking on this side is completed by two cabinets of pull-out containers in transparent plastic.

    The bulkhead, largely free but with useful accessories

    The bulkhead has been left free at the bottom but is fitted with extremely useful accessories for carrying cargo safely. In particular, it is equipped with a bar and strap cargo retaining system with sliding attachments, two cable holders and, at the very top, a long tray with fold-down access at the van’s side door, for carrying long objects.

    Accessories: enough of everything

    This cogeneration service’s Vito is equipped with a series of accessories to maximise functionality. At the rear doors:
  • a handwash kit comprising a mounting frame and a large plastic jerry can with a tap
  • a robust fold-away table made from marble-look plywood, installed so that it opens parallel with the floor
  • On the racking side panels:
  • a bar rack with a strap;
  • a paper roll holder
  • two metal pockets
  • a set of electrical power sockets connected to the van’s electrical system;
  • a fold-away vice bench complete with metal vice
  • On the floor:
  • cut-to-size rails for use with hooks, lashing straps and cargo retaining bars.





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