Racking in a Custom for a cogeneration engine service

A Ford Custom with racking for a cogeneration engine service company

The company that asked Syncro System to fit out the Ford Custom illustrated on this page specialises in providing 24-hour service for cogeneration systems based on internal combustion engines. Success in this line of business requires technical competence, non-stop service and quick, efficient repairs. And this, in turn, requires a properly equipped van. So, let’s have a closer look at the racking that Syncro System fitted in the company’s Ford Custom. The installation is an excellent example of customisation, with tailor-made racking and practical accessories.

Protecting the Ford Custom’s bodywork

Proper interior protection will allow this Custom’s to last longer and to resist without damage the knocks and stresses that inevitably occur when a van is subject to intensive daily use. In this particular case, the floor and bulkhead are covered by pre-shaped plywood liners with a marble-effect surface. These extremely tough liners can withstand heavy loads, afford good grip and are beautifully easy to clean. The customer chose pre-painted steel panels for the walls and doors, along with an aluminium tread plate cover for the right side wheel arch.

The Custom’s left side racking

The customised racking for a cogeneration system service company on the left of the van consists of two columns. The first, nearer to the rear doors, provides a variety of storage options, starting from a fully closed wheel arch cabinet at floor level. Over this are three metal drawers of different heights, one shelf with a set of removable containers, and two open shelves. The second column is narrower at the bottom but offers a similar selection of drawers and shelves. The reduced width of the racking at the bottom has created space for an oil-free compressor at the bulkhead.

The Custom’s right side racking

Only one column of racking is installed on the van’s right side wall. The space at the bottom is enclosed only at the sides and provides practical storage for items like cases thanks to a hook and strap retaining system. Inside, over the wheel arch, a small 200 W inverter is installed in a position that is hidden from view but nevertheless easily accessible. Further up are two trays with metal cases for drills and other power tools, two steel drawers with handles in the front panel, and three shelves, including one with removable plastic containers. The rear of the racking has been fitted with a multi-purpose storage rack at the top and, at the bottom, a vice bench that is simple to open and equally simple to fold away.


No part of this Ford Custom has been ignored. A full-length tray at the top of the bulkhead provides the perfect solution for carrying long items while, lower down, two cable holders keep the van’s interior clear of trailing cable. Finally, a metal rail and strap cargo retaining system lets the operators carry loads of different shapes and sizes, held securely in place to prevent shifting during transit.

The importance of details: accessories on the rear doors

All available space has been efficiently exploited in this Custom, including the rear doors. The accessories installed here were chosen to boost efficiency during every-day operations. They include:
  • A handwash kit with water canister;
  • A paper roll holder;
  • A holder for cables or hoses;
  • A fold-away table for small assembly and repair jobs and office work like making out bills and compiling documents.





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