The transformation of a plumber’s Ford Custom

A Ford Custom with a simple but functional racking solution for a plumber

It’s not always necessary to fill all available space with racking and accessories. Free floorspace can be a valuable resource if a van is fitted out efficiently and with the customer’s needs in mind.

This page illustrates a racking solution installed in a plumber’s Ford Custom. In agreement with the customer, the Syncro team installed all the necessary liners first followed by a racking system that leaves plenty of free space for bulky cargo, plus a few essential accessories. Finally, the van was given a roof rack.

Protect your van to extend its life. Here’s how!

How exactly do liners extend the life of a vehicle?

1. by forming an additional layer that reinforces the original body panels and protects them against damage and wear

2. by preventing irreversible damage caused by the onset of rust around dents and scratches

3. by providing a solid base per for racking and accessories and avoiding the need to drill the vehicle’s original wall, door and floor panels

The floor of this Ford Custom is protected by a marble-look plywood liner. This product is quite unique for the presence of tough stainless-steel anchor ring cups and edge profiles and for the special laying system which uses spacers to support the liner wherever it is not in direct contact with the ridges in the floor. This design gives Syncro floor liners far greater strength and stability than those of the competition.

The Syncro team then lined the walls and doors with steel panelling – the best possible choice whenever the priority is to protect the van’s bodywork in the event of an accident.

Look here for a real case study.

Only Syncro System offers fully customised racking solutions

Syncro System technicians are specially trained in the installation of van racking and 30 years of experience plus an amazingly flexible design means that Syncro racking can be configured in an infinite number of ways!

Only the left of this plumbers’ Ford Custom is fitted with racking. The floor area is occupied by two compartments, one with a patented lift-and-rotate door that opens to afford unrestricted access and another with a hook and strap type case transport kit.

Higher up are four wide metal drawers with non-slip bottom mats and metal space dividers for storing spare parts, tools and sundry components. The column to the rear contains three case trays containing a total of six metal cases. The drawers and case trays incorporate an automatic latch system to hold them closed, so there is no risk of reaching your destination to find them open and their contents spilled. Everything will always be in perfect order when you arrive!

At the top of the racking are two shelves with raised rear panels for greater capacity.

All the space you need… and safety too

Space is important, but so is safety! It’s fine to leave space free for transporting bulky material and equipment without the “restriction” of racking on both sides, but this decision comes with responsibility. Cargo must be securely attached to prevent it moving around and endangering passengers and other road users.

With this in mind, the bulkhead of this Custom is equipped with a length of Syncroblock bar with hooks and lashing straps. Another length of Syncroblock bar on the right wall carries two cable holders.

The Custom’s roof rack

The roof can provide additional carrying capacity for loads too big or awkward to fit inside. This Custom is equipped with a Syncro roof rack that includes a rear loading roller and side fences as well as the usual cross bars. This large and secure roof accessory is ideally complemented by Syncro straps.

The underside of the front cross bar is fitted with Syncro’s exclusive Ultrasilent ridged profile that breaks up the air flow when the van is travelling at speed, making the journey far quieter and more relaxing.

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If you would like to view other Syncro racking solutions, click here for Custom racking solutions or here for systems designed for plumbers.

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