A Ford Custom with a Syncro racking system

A complete Ford Custom racking system for a plumbing firm

Syncro System has fitted out thousands of vans of all makes and models for heating engineers and plumbers, and no two are identical – unless a customer has specifically asked us. This is because everybody has their own special requirements and works in different settings. So Syncro racking installers are used to satisfying requests in a totally unique way. On this page you can see a plumber’s Ford Custom L1H1 that Syncro fitted with racking on both sides, a selection of cleaning and cargo carrying accessories and a simple roof rack.

A custom-made floor liner for the Custom

Even a partial set of liners dramatically reduces the risk of bodywork damage and expensive repairs, saving you time and money that are far better invested in your business. The customer who commissioned this Ford Custom racking solution asked us to protect only the floor, and chose a plywood floor liner with marble-look resin finish. This durable floor surface is tough enough to withstand wear and also prevent dents, scratches and rust. As a result, this the van will remain in tip-top condition for many years to come.

Plenty of free space on the left of the Custom L1H1

Fitting out a van does not necessarily mean filling every last inch with racking and accessories. Customers often ask us to leave part of a wall free for transporting large machines, spares and materials. In the Custom seen here, the left side has been equipped with racking only towards the cab bulkhead. The part near the rear doors has been left free and fitted only with a bar-and-strap cargo lashing system with sliding fittings. The configuration comprises an open floor-level compartment with a strap at the front, four metal drawers with non-slip mats and metal space dividers and two configurable shelves, one above the other.

A pull-out vice bench and large transparent containers on the right of the Ford Custom

The racking on the right of the Custom is more extensive, and consists of:

  • a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door
  • a vice bench that is easy to release using the levers on the front and able to support heavy loads once extended and locked in place
  • a large metal drawer
  • a shelf
  • a large cabinet of 324 mm high tilting transparent containers – the largest containers of this kind ever made

A bar with strap and sliding fittings for the bulkhead

Customers frequently ask us to leave the bulkhead free apart from some means of securing bulky cargo. The reason is always the same: the bulkhead provides a really convenient place for stowing and supporting large loads. The bar with lashing straps and sliding fittings is the only accessory we added to the bulkhead of this Custom. The straps can be adjusted to secure objects of many different shapes and sizes.

A roof rack for the Ford Custom

Syncro System supplies a wide range of roof racks and accessories. The solution chosen by the owner of this Custom consists of simple cross bars with non-scratch rubber profiles on top. The front cross bar also features a special Ultrasilent profile underneath. This patented Syncro solution minimises noise and vibration when the van is travelling. To find out more about Ultrasilent, check out this page.

Need a racking system for your own Ford Custom? Take our advice and choose the best!

Everybody wants the best for their van. After all, you need to make full use of all available space, satisfy the needs that come with your trade or profession and save time on the job. If you already own, or are about to buy, a Ford Custom and are looking for ideas about racking, check out this page.

Are you a plumber or central heating engineer? Take a look at the racking systems Syncro has installed for colleagues with other vehicles: Transit, Jumper, Sprinter, Movano.

Don’t waste any more time! Call your nearest Syncro System racking centre now to arrange an obligation-free consultation. Together we can find a great custom solution for your needs.





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