A Ford Custom conversion for a plumbing business

Syncro racking in a plumbing firm’s Ford Custom

The van seen on this page is a Ford Custom that Syncro System has fitted out for a firm that works with civil and industrial heating and plumbing systems. This medium-size Custom has been fitted with racking on both sides, together with a number of essential accessories. Thanks to the amazing versatility and flexibility of the Ultra racking system, Syncro was able to fully satisfy the requests of the van’s owners. The result is a mobile workshop that combines abundant, secure storage with plenty of room in the centre of the floor and at the bulkhead for securing large items of equipment, spares, and cargo of all shapes and sizes.

Liners for the Custom

The owners of this Ford Custom chose to install just a floor liner to protect the van’s original floor panels. The floor liner in question is in marble-look plywood and comes pre-shaped and pre-drilled to match the contours of the Custom’s floor. At the doors, the liner is fitted with protective aluminium edges for added protection against humidity and wear and to ensure maximum grip for persons entering and leaving the van.

Shelves on the left of the Custom

Syncro has installed racking on both sides of this van. On the left we have a series of shelves, partly enclosed by 108 mm high lift-and-rotate doors. These high-strength steel shelves incorporate a raised edge at the front and back, but the addition of a door obviously increases capacity. The floor-level compartments are also partly enclosed by lift-and-rotate doors, this time of 252 mm in height. One of the two columns is capped by a cabinet of transparent pull-out containers with 8 small and 4 larger containers. The larger ones come with aluminium dividers to allow users to form separate compartments inside.

Drawers and case trays on the right of the Ford Custom

The racking on the right of the van is more compact to leave the side door clear, and consists of:

  • a floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door, just like that on the left
  • two metal drawers with non-slip mats and internal space dividers
  • two trays for metal cases, with adapters for a total of four cases
  • three configurable shelves, one above the other

The Custom’s accessories

All Syncro racking systems can be complemented and made more functional by adding accessories for cargo retention, cleaning, lighting, security or ventilation. Accessories can be added by the customer at any time, even after delivery of the converted vehicle, thanks to the presence of equally spaced holes in the racking side panels. This particular Custom is fitted with the following accessories:

  • a cable holder near the rear doors, on the left racking
  • a spray can rack, silicone cartridge and nozzle holder and a paper roll holder near the rear doors, on the right racking
  • a cargo retaining system consisting of a bar with quick-release hooks, straps and sliding attachments on the bulkhead

Want to transform your own Custom?

If you have purchased or are planning to purchase a Ford Custom, you can count on Syncro System to transform it into the perfect mobile workshop for your needs. You can see other Custom racking solutions here, or, to browse solutions for heating engineers and plumbers in other vans, look at: Jumper - Movano - Boxer - Partner - NV300 - Transporter





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