A Ford Custom equipped to install doors and windows

A Ford Custom for a door and window business

The van presented on this page is a Ford Custom that Syncro System has fitted out for a door and window installer. The customer chose to install racking on both sides of the van, leaving the bulkhead free apart from a cargo retaining system. The van also features some indispensable accessories. This L2 Custom has been transformed into a compact but effective mobile workshop. Let’s take a closer look.

The Ford Custom’s liners

Before thinking about the racking as such, it is essential to protect at least the most exposed surfaces of the bodywork. This particular Ford Custom is fitted with a floor liner made from marble-look plywood panels. The panels on the bulkhead are made from the same material and shaped to match the contours of the van. Custom liner panels are also fitted to the bottom sections of the doors. The original Ford panels have been left in place on the walls and at the top of the doors.

Drawers, transparent containers and a case compartment on the left of the Custom

Racking covers the entire left side of this Ford Custom belonging to a door and window installer:

  • The two floor-level compartments are designed for different purposes. The one nearer the back is enclosed by a lift-up door to create useful storage around the wheel arch. The forward one has been turned into a case compartment by adding a kit made up of a self-locking shuttle that slides along a metal bar at the top and an end panel.
  • Five metal drawers provide plenty of space for small and medium size tools and materials.
  • Two configurable shelves with raised rear panels provide ideal storage for consumables.
  • Two rows of pull-out transparent containers, 18 in all, hold all the necessary spare parts and sundries.
  • The racking on this side ends in a full-length top tray.

Ideas for maximising carrying capacity: offsetting the top tray

The Syncro System full-length tray, a popular choice for the top of racking systems, is installed in a slightly unusual way in this Ford Custom. Because the van’s walls slop inwards at the top, the tray has been offset towards the centre of the cargo compartment, meaning that it rests on the racking beneath only for part of its depth. Syncro’s extendable top tray is ideal for carrying long objects. Its fold-down access door with locking bar is always installed facing the rear of the van. Objects carried in the tray can therefore be removed over the top from inside the van, or through the fold-down door from outside the vehicle.

Enclosed compartments and metal drawers on the right of the Custom

The right side of the van is fitted with a single column of racking consisting of a floor-level compartment with a top-pivot door, an open shelf with adapters for two Euronorm containers, then, higher up, two metal drawers, an enclosed shelf and an open top shelf.

The Ford Custom’s accessories

Accessories make this door and window installer’s Custom even more functional and make it easier to keep things tidy too:

  • An inverter and a multi-socket are fixed to the rear-facing side panel of the left-side racking and connected to the van’s battery. This makes the van fully autonomous for electrical power when no mains supply is within reach.
  • The racking side panel near the van’s side door is fitted with two silicone cartridge racks which even have holes for the nozzles.
  • The bulkhead has no racking as such but is fitted with a bar with sliding attachments and straps, a quick and simple solution for securing loads of all kinds.

Planning to buy a Ford Custom and working with doors and windows?

If you think the solutions shown on this page could be right for your van, get in touch with your nearest Syncro System dealer now and show them these photos. Click here to view other racking solutions for the Ford Custom.

Syncro has also fitted out other vans for door and window installers: Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Transporter.

Don’t waste time! Ask us now to quote for a customised racking solution for your own van!





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