A Sprinter with van equipment for a door and window fitter

A Sprinter with Syncro racking for a door and window fitter

The racking system seen in the photos on this page was commissioned by a door and window fitter. The liners, racking and accessories were all chosen to meet the requirements expressed by the customer during discussions with the Syncro System team, and are all made to measure for the Mercedes Sprinter. The key feature of this racking solution is the presence of various cargo retaining systems including a vertical cargo bar.

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Custom-made liners for the Mercedes Sprinter

The solid base on which the racking is installed in this Mercedes Sprinter is provided by a rubber-coated birch plywood floor liner. This type of liner offers excellent grip even when wet or walked on in wet footwear. The owner of this van decided to line only the upper part of the walls and doors, using painted steel panels. This solution offers solid, reliable anchorage for the racking and, in the case of the liners towards the rear of the van, for whatever accessories may be installed at a future date. Syncro System van liners protect your van’s bodywork against dents, scratches and cuts and keep it in tip-top condition for years to come.

A Sprinter racking solution based on drawers and shelves

This Mercedes Sprinter was fitted with custom-made racking on both side walls:

  • The racking on the left consists of a floor level compartment with a lift-up door, three metal drawers alongside two small open shelves with non-slip mats, two full-width shelves with top-pivot doors, and full-length top tray. Note how the different levels are offset at the rear to follow the contour of the van body. Forward of this racking the Syncro team has created a floor-level compartment with a plywood top. This creates practical case storage thanks to the bar, strap and end plate installed inside, while the top provides practical support for items of cargo.
  • The racking on the right of the van starts with another enclosed floor-level compartment. On top of this is a large shelf of Euronorm containers with lids. Further up again are another two shelves enclosed by top-pivot doors and a second full-length tray.

Cargo bars: the accessory that all window fitters need

The racking system in this window fitter’s Sprinter is characterised by a cargo bar located alongside the left side racking. Syncro vertical cargo bars incorporate a pressure-type fitting system and do not need special attachments. Because they adapt perfectly to varying roof heights, they can be located wherever needed, whenever needed. This accessory is particularly useful for carrying doors, windows and panels as it lets you divide the cargo compartment temporarily into different sections and provides safe support even for heavy but delicate items that need to be protected against dents and scratches.

Other accessories for improved functionality

Accessories are the “cherry on the cake” of all van racking systems, as they help you work more efficiently and save you time and money. This Sprinter is fitted with:

Want a no-obligation quote for a 100% personal racking system in your van? Get in touch with your nearest Syncro System centre now! Every van we fit out is different and fully customised!





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