A Sprinter with racking for a tiler

Tilers have to arrive at their customers’ homes with all the tools and materials they need for the job in hand, in addition to their professional expertise. Materials and expertise go together, of course, because even the most experienced tiler can only do a good job if he has the right materials to hand when he needs them. That is why a properly equipped van plays such an important role in the tiler’s work. Small and large tiles, long and trim tiles all need to be transported without breaking and laid using the right materials and tools for the job.  This page illustrates a custom Syncro racking system in a Sprinter L2H2 belonging to a tiler who installs all kinds of tile and needs a particularly versatile van racking system.

Floor and wall liners

This Sprinter is fitted with a marble-look plywood floor liner and wall lining panels in honeycomb plastic.

The Sprinter’s racking system: shelves and plastic containers

Racking is installed along both sides of the van’s cargo compartment. 
  • Left side wall. Two columns of racking occupy all available space from the rear door to the bulkhead, and from floor to roof. This racking provides seven open shelves with non-slip mats and metal space dividers for creating custom shelf compartments. It ends in a full-length top shelf for long items like spatula and squeegee handles. The first of the two floor-level compartments, a wheel arch cabinet partly enclosed by two doors, provides enough space for a small step ladder. The second floor-level compartment is completely open and fitted with a metal bar, hook and strap retaining system for case transport. The open shelf immediately above serves exactly the same purpose. The vertical rails on the outside edges of the compartment side panels can also be used with hooks and straps to secure various kinds of material. The rear of the racking is fitted with a bar rack and strap, a spray can rack and a paper roll holder.
  • Right side. The right side of the van is home to a single column of racking consisting of a fully enclosed wheel arch cabinet, three open shelves and three cabinets of tilting, removable plastic containers. The front end of the racking near the side door is fitted with adjustable hooks and a hook and strap cargo retaining system, while a bar rack and strap is installed at the rear. Syncro System has also come up with a completely original solution for carrying silicone cartridges.

An original application for a standard accessory

Like all tile installers, the owner of this van needs to carry a large number of silicone cartridges in a way that ensures easy access and prevents the silicone getting on to the floor. The Syncro System catalogue has exactly the right solution for this problem in the form of Syncro’s silicone tube rack, a simple metal rack with 9 standard holes for silicone cartridges and smaller holes for nozzles.  Three silicone tube racks are installed in this Sprinter, mounted on two aluminium bars fixed to the right side wall. This novel installation method solves two problems: the impossibility of fixing racks directly to plastic wall liners, which are not strong enough to support heavy accessories, and the lack of space for the racks on the rear of the right side racking.

Custom accessories and flexible fixing methods

One of the main advantages of Syncro racking systems is the flexibility with which you can use your van’s cargo space to meet different needs.  The flexibility of this racking system for a tile installer is optimised by two bright ideas in particular: 
  • The use if a rear door to carry a ladder. This retaining system can be used for other items as well. It consists of a metal bar with two adjustable hooks at the top of the door and a strap running between two attachments at the bottom.
  • The bulkhead is fitted with two parallel metal bar, hook and strap retaining systems for securing cargo or equipment of various types and sizes. The photo shows the example of a sack trolley held in place by the lower strap alone.





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