A Mercedes Sprinter for servicing carwashes

A racking solution for the Mercedes Sprinter

The van seen in the photos on this page is a Mercedes Sprinter owned by a firm that sells, installs and services car and truck washing systems. It is used mainly for on-site servicing. To provide all the necessary support, it needs to carry components, spares, tools and sundries and act as a workshop for modifications, repairs, and adjustments. Syncro System installed racking on both sides of the van having first protected the interior of the bodywork with custom-made liners.

Liners in the Sprinter for servicing carwashes

The cargo compartment of this Sprinter has been almost completely lined with pre-shaped and pre-drilled panels. The floor is covered by a plywood liner with a marble-look surface. Liners in the same material has been used to cover the bulkhead behind the cab. All originally unprotected sections of the van’s walls and doors have been lined with painted steel panels.

The Syncro racking on the left of the Sprinter

High-roof vans can easily be fitted with full-height racking to transform them into mobile workshops. This is exactly what the Syncro team did in this Sprinter for servicing carwashes. On the left, we have:

  • three floor-level compartments, two enclosed by lift-up doors and the third, in the middle, left open but fitted with a hook and strap type case transport kit
  • a mid-height section with twelve metal drawers, all of the same size, and a tray with a metal case, mounted on ball-bearing runners, that can be opened all the way out just like a drawer, by pulling on the handle
  • a locker with lock and key, installed between a marble-look plywood work bench with a raised back and a set of configurable shelves with full-access doors
  • a full-length top tray that transforms the most inaccessible area of the racking into practical storage for long objects

The Sprinter’s secret: autonomy

To power compressed air tools and to clean carwash machines and equipment, the van is fitted with a 12 V compressor complete with a hose reel, and an inverter. These items are installed inside the innermost floor-level compartment (one of those with a door). The valuable equipment is therefore normally invisible from the outside. Current is delivered to a power panel with a switch for the inverter and a set of 220 V sockets, fixed to the racking side panel alongside the work bench.

Syncro racking on the right of the Sprinter

The right of the van is also fully equipped. The racking on this side starts with a floor-level compartment with a top-pivot door, and also incorporates eight drawers arranged in two columns of four, and four configurable shelves with non-slip mats and internal space dividers for creating separate compartments. A fold-away vice bench with metal vice is fixed to the side of the racking at the rear of the van. When closed, this bench occupies very little space. It nevertheless opens out easily to form a robust work surface with a support that reaches the ground, guaranteeing the strength and stability needed for vice work.

A custom set of accessories for servicing carwashes

This Sprinter has been fitted with a broad selection of accessories:

  • cleaning accessories: the left rear door is fitted with a soap bottle with holder and dispenser and a handwash kit consisting of a water tank with tap; a paper roll holder is fixed to the rearward facing side panel of the left side racking
  • cargo retaining accessories: there are three metal pockets, one on each rearward facing side panel and one near the side door, and three spray can racks (at the front and rear of the right side racking) that can hold various objects as well as cans, keeping the inside of the van tidy; a useful cable holder is fixed to the top of the right side racking at the van’s side door; a metal bar with a rubber profile provides safe, scratch-free support for bulky equipment in contact with the bulkhead
  • various accessories: the van is equipped with an emergency first aid kit too, located at the top of the right-side racking where it is easily visible thanks to its bright orange colour
  • lighting accessories: excellent interior illumination is guaranteed by a series of LED roof lights while an LED light bar at the rear doors provides wide-beam illumination for the exterior of the vehicle

What would you like in your own racking system?

If you like the racking system described on this page and want something similar in your van, book a no-obligation appointment now and show these photos to the team of installers at your nearest Syncro System dealer.

If you want to see other racking solutions for the Sprinter, start here.

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