A Mercedes Sprinter fitted out for an electrician

A Sprinter fitted out for an electrician

The Mercedes Sprinter is a large van with a high-volume cargo compartment. This makes it an excellent choice for converting into a complete, functional mobile workshop for an electrician. The van seen in these photos is owned by a technician who installs and maintains civil and industrial electrical systems. It’s racking solution is designed to leave plenty of room in the middle of the floor. The vehicle is therefore extremely versatile and, if needed, can carry even large items of equipment.

A complete lining system for the Mercedes Sprinter

It is essential to line your van’s cargo compartment – even if only in part – as liners protect delicate body panels against dents, scratches and damp. Syncro can line any van to meet its owner’s needs and preferences. The electrician who operates this Mercedes Sprinter chose a floor liner in marble-look plywood and full-height bodywork panelling in painted steel for the walls.

Syncro racking on the left of the Sprinter

The left side of this van has been left largely free. Only one relatively small column of racking has been installed near the bulkhead. This starts with a floor-level compartment, partly enclosed by a door that folds down to offer unrestricted access, two large drawers with recessed handles, a configurable shelf with space dividers and a non-slip mat and, finally, two rows of transparent pull-out containers at the top. These extremely tough containers are made from clear PMMA and are exclusive to Syncro System. Because they offer a clear view of their contents, they are a great way to keep your van tidy and save time too – and time means money!

Free space, but cleverly equipped!

The remainder of the left wall has been left free apart from one important item of equipment that actually turns it into an extremely functional storage area. At the top of the wall, just under the van’s roof is a milled bar with seven movable, adjustable hooks. Each hook is held in place by just one screw and can be released and slid easily to any position along the bar. The bottom of the hook also slides in or out to five different positions to form a supporting surface of 90 to 140 mm to suit the shape and size of the object carried on it.

The right of the electrician’s Sprinter

The racking configuration on the right side of the van comprises:

Cargo retaining accessories for the Sprinter

In addition to the hooks on the left wall, this Sprinter has two large metal pockets on the rear-facing side panel of the right racking and a bar with a lashing strap and sliding hooks on the bulkhead. A paper roll holder is also fitted to the racking where it is readily accessible from the van’s side door.

In search of a racking solution for your own Sprinter?

If you have bought or are planning to buy a Mercedes Sprinter, we hope this page will provide some valuable ideas about how to fit it out. Look here to see how other Sprinters have been converted into mobile workshops. To view racking solutions specifically made for electricians, try here: Partner Berlingo Jumper Custom

Get in touch with your nearest Syncro dealer. The team there will be delighted to design a custom-made racking system for you too!





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