A racking system in a Citroen Berlingo for an electrician

A complete Berlingo racking system for an electrician

The job of electrician simply cannot be done without the support of a good van. Electricians regularly have to work at their clients’ homes or on construction sites, and need to carry a large amount of tools, equipment, spares and materials with them on every occasion. On this page you can see a Citroen Berlingo fitted out for an electrician, complete with racking, accessories and a roof rack.

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Liners for the Berlingo: protect and prevent

Lining the interior of the van you use for your daily work is an indispensable step if you want to extend its working life and keep it fully functional for years to come. By lining the walls, doors and floor, you protect your van’s thin bodywork against the dents and perforations that cause rust and, over time, irreparable damage. The owner of this Berlingo decided to cover the floor with a marble-look plywood floor liner and to protect the doors with painted steel panels.

The left of the Berlingo: case compartment, case trays and more

On the left of this electrician’s Citroen Berlingo, Syncro installed a racking configuration comprising:

  • two floor-level compartments, the first enclosed by two doors (a lift-and-rotate door at the bottom and a lift-up door with a parallelogram opening action at the top) and the second equipped with a system of hooks and straps for securing cargo
  • a series of metal case trays that open with the same mechanism as metal drawers, plus one small drawer
  • two shelves, one narrow and the other, above it, running for the whole width of the racking; both are fitted with non-slip mats and metal space dividers to keep contents separate
  • accessories near the rear doors, including a spray can rack and a paper roll holder

The right of the Berlingo: transparent containers for small parts and spares

The right of this Berlingo is almost entirely dedicated to carrying small parts and spares. The racking consists of a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door and, as far as the van’s roof, a total of 24 pull-out transparent containers and 4 large tilting ones at the top. Transparent containers make your life a whole lot easier as they let you see exactly what’s inside. You can find what you want immediately and see whether you are running short of something without having to open them and, more importantly, without wasting valuable time.

The bulkhead: Syncro retaining systems for exploiting every inch of space

Given the compact dimensions of the Berlingo, the bulkhead was left almost completely free except for a couple of versatile accessories: a bar with strap and sliding fittings and a cable holder. These items take up very little space but can be extremely useful, for securing loads of different size and shape and for carrying cables or hoses in a tidy manner.

The Berlingo’s roof: valuable extra space

All vans, even the smallest, can be fitted with some kind of roof rack. This electrician’s Berlingo has a roof rack with a rear loading roller and side fences. As the photo shows, the front cross bar features an Ultrasilent rubber profile for reducing noise and vibration when the van is on the road.

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Remember! All Syncro racking solutions are unique and custom-made to meet the needs of the van user!





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