Berlingo for a heating, plumbing and ventilation business

Racking for a heating and plumbing firm in a Citroen Berlingo

Tradesmen who install heating and plumbing systems often prefer small or medium vans that are easy to manoeuvre in city traffic, park, and drive on narrow, twisty roads. The Citroen Berlingo seen here is owned by a firm that installs heating and plumbing systems, photovoltaic panels, and air extraction and ventilation systems. The van, an L2 model, has been equipped with underfloor drawers and one column of racking on the raised floor.

Liners for the Berlingo

In this case, the customer decided that the raised floor over the drawers was all the protection needed for the interior of the van. The Berlingo’s walkable floor consists of a plywood liner with a marble-look surface that provides excellent grip and is extremely resistant to damage by footwear and the movement of materials. The floor is also resistant to damp and liquid spillages. Depending on how a van will be used, Syncro System also recommends lining the walls, bulkhead and doors with panels of aluminium chequer plate, steel or honeycomb plastic.

Underfloor drawers to maximise storage space in the Berlingo

Underfloor drawers are one of the ideas that Syncro System frequently recommends as a good way to fit out a small van and exploit every inch of space. This solution was adopted in the case of this plumbing firm’s Citroen Berlingo. The underfloor drawer unit is made from high-strength steel and contains three drawers, two 120 cm drawers at the back and one 134 cm drawer at the side door. As with all Syncro drawers, these are mounted on ball-bearing runners that allow them to open for their full length. All three are also fitted with travel stops and automatic retaining mechanisms for the closed position. To keep contents tidy and avoid mixing items of different kinds, the drawers are fitted with washable non-slip mats and metal space dividers. The latter can be installed across the drawer at variable distances one from the other to create separate compartments of different sizes.

Racking on just one side of the Berlingo

Over the Berlingo’s raised plywood floor, on the left of the van, Syncro has installed a racking column consisting of four elements:

  • one open floor-level compartment that can be used as case storage thanks to a kit made up of an end plate for supporting the first case, a metal bar at the back and a lashing strap attached to a sliding fitting with locking knob that can be positioned to suit the number and size of the cases and to hold them all securely in place for the journey
  • one configurable shelf with a raised back panel to increase capacity and stop items falling down behind, a non-slip mat and internal dividers
  • one open shelf with adapters for three removable plastic containers
  • a full-length top shelf

The right side of the Berlingo has been left complete free from racking and accessories. The van therefore has plenty of space in the back for carrying materials and equipment.

Accessories and other racking ideas for small vans

The fact that a van is small does not prevent the installation of accessories to improve functionality. In the Berlingo seen on this page, there is plenty of free space on the racking side panels, the doors and interior walls for installing, at a later date, cargo retaining accessories like slider bars with hooks and magnets for hand tools, or cleaning accessories like a handwash kit or paper roll holder. Syncro also supplies a vast range of lighting accessories for van interiors, as well as ventilation and security accessories.

Need a professional opinion for your own van?

Whether you are planning to equip your van with an underfloor drawer system like the one in this Berlingo, or are thinking about a completely different mobile workshop layout, the Syncro team can give you valuable professional advice and satisfy your needs with a fully customised racking solution!

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