A Sprinter for transporting motorcycles

A special van conversion for the police: a Sprinter for carrying motorcycles

Syncro System fits out vans for all purposes and for all needs. On this page, for example, you can see a Mercedes Sprinter L2H2 fitted out for a Police vehicle service centre. The organisation asked us to design a system for transporting police motorcycles, complete with easy loading and unloading and safe retaining mechanisms. Let’s take a look at the solution delivered by Syncro.

No racking, but a complete lining system

In a van with no racking, like this Sprinter, the bodywork is completely exposed to damage in the event of cargo falling or sliding around in a collision or under harsh braking. To avoid this risk it is essential to protect the walls and floor with Syncro System’s custom-made liners and panels.

This Sprinter is fitted with a birch plywood floor liner with a marble-look resin surface. This product stands out from those of the competition for the presence of anchor ring cups and edge profiles in stainless steel, details that ensure excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. A loading ramp is fixed to the rear edge of the floor liner. The bulkhead is covered in the same material as the floor while the walls are lined with laser-cut steel panels, the perfect choice whenever strength is the top priority.

The characteristics of Syncro bike clamps

This Sprinter for transporting motorcycles has no racking as such. All the space in the load compartment is dedicated to motorcycle storage, so the only items visible are two motorcycle wheel clamps, installed one slightly behind the other at the level of the side door. Syncro bike clamps consist of a metal stand with aluminium jaws and a stop for the front wheel. The device incorporates an automatic mechanism that closes the clamp when the wheel is inserted and opens it again when the wheel is pulled out. The accessory is fixed to the floor and is intended for use with two ratchet-tensioned straps. This type of bike clamp allows just one person to load and unload a motorcycle unaided. The the bike is held upright without having to use the centre or side stand. Syncro bike clamps are easy to use and can be removed quickly and easily. This Sprinter can therefore be used for other purposes if needed. As with all Syncro accessories, bike clamps can be re-used in another van and are compatible with all kinds of racking!

WM Italian loading ramps: safety and practicality

To load a motorcycle into a van, you need a ramp to bridge the gap between the ground and the floor of the load compartment. Syncro System only supplies top-quality ramps, made in Italy by WM. These tough, lightweight and secure ramps come in a wide range of models to suit different needs. The ramp installed in this van is a Light model with a load capacity of 400 kg. It is made from light alloy and incorporates a quick-fit, pivot mounting system. Once folded upright, it can either be stowed in parallel with the van’s rear doors or pivoted outwards to allow unrestricted access to the interior of the load compartment.

Syncro accessories: safety and functionality

It only takes a few Syncro accessories to make a van special in terms of safety and functionality.

This police-owned Mercedes Sprinter is equipped with:

  • Two milled rails for lashing straps installed on the side walls at the same height.These can be used either as fixing points for the motorcycles or as retaining systems for equipment, spare parts or materials.
  • Two lengths of milled aluminium rail with Airline holes for use with metal hooks.
  • Powerful LED lights on the roof, complete with anti-dazzle diffusers. These lamps are powered directly from the van’s 12 V battery.

If you are looking for a special solution for your van, you’ve come to the right place. Syncro always has the right idea!

For Syncro System, every van is special. Our racking system allows us to fully customise any conversion and to guarantee customer satisfaction in a practical way.

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