A special racking solution for a MAN TGE

A special racking installation for a world champion

Syncro System’s dealer for Bulgaria designed and installed the complete mobile workshop seen here in a race support van belonging to the team of ​​Teodor Kabakchiev, the 25-year-old rider from Gabrovo who has already won the FIM SuperEnduro world championship in class Junior, the BMU European Championship, and many Bulgarian Enduro Championship titles.

The van, a Man TGE L4H3, is the official race support vehicle for the rider and his team wherever they go. It needs to transport the motorcycle safely and carry all the tools needed to maintain and repair it. On top of this, the van also has to hold cleaning equipment, containers for spare parts and tools, boots and clothing and, of course, the compressor and generator needed to ensure an autonomous supply of electrical energy and compressed air.

Syncro System installers are certainly not new to this kind of job: the number of requests for customised racking installations from the world of motorcycling is growing rapidly and our specialist racking centres have already installed many super-efficient and functional custom solutions. Let’s take a closer look at this example!

Interior liners for the SuperEnduro race support Man TGE

The Syncro team in Bulgaria first took care to reinforce the original liners fitted to this Man TGE. Syncro liners strengthen and protect your van’s bodywork, keeping it in tip-top condition for many years to come and protecting it against damp, scratches and dents. The original polypropylene panels that cover part of the Man TGE’s bodywork are intended only to insulate the cargo compartment thermally and acoustically.

All the interior surfaces, with the exception of the roof, have therefore been lined with custom-made Syncro panels. The floor liner is in plywood with a rubber-coated surface while the walls and doors are protected by pre-shaped and pre-drilled panelling made from painted steel sheet. The rubber floor surface affords exceptional grip and is ideal for a vehicle used to transport an off-road racing motorcycle.

Plenty of room for the most important thing: the bike

As you can see from these photos, the racking in this Man TGE is concentrated along the left side, while the right has been left almost completely free. This leaves plenty of room to load the bike into the back of the van.

Safety during transit is ensured by two rails arranged in parallel on the floor and used to attach hooks and lashing straps.

The only objects found along the right side of the van are the pressure washer, located near the rear doors and held in place by a strap and, at the top of the wall, a cabinet of pull-out containers for storing bike parts and spares.

A complete mobile workshop on the left of the Man TGE

The left of the van is arranged in different areas:

  • A work bench, covered in stainless-steel for maximum strength, is located near the bulkhead. The bench is equipped with a metal vice and illuminated by an LED light. The work top itself is supported by a series of six metal drawers with non-slip mats and internal space dividers. The floor-level compartment is equipped with hooks and straps, making it ideal for carrying the compressor and inverter. The top section of racking consists entirely of pull-out transparent containers in two different sizes. An electric power panel with switchgear is installed on the bulkhead behind the cab.
  • In the centre of the wall is a floor-level compartment with a top-pivot door, a large secure van locker, a shelf with two doors, an enclosed top shelf and an open central compartment housing a small fridge held in place by straps. A multi-purpose pocket is also provided.
  • Near the rear doors is another generous open compartment in the middle of the column, again with lashing straps and with a marble-look plywood work top. Also in this area are two drawers and a partly open floor-level compartment.

Special solutions for the enduro team’s Man TGE

A special 100 litre water tank is fixed to the rearward-facing side wall of the racking by means of straps. To avoid spillages inside the van, the tank can be filled from outside the van via a connecting tube leading to a hole in the bodywork. Water for washing the bike prior to loading it into the van can be taken either from a shower head or from the pressure washer. The latter is fed from the water tank via a hose routed up the left side wall, across the underside of the roof and along the right wall.

Accessories for the enduro champion’s Man TGE

A special solution like this is simply not complete without a selection of accessories. This van has been fitted with:

  • two paper roll holders, one on the left rear door, the other on the bulkhead
  • a spray can rack and a first aid kit on the side panel of the racking
  • a series of LED lights under the roof
  • a hose reel and a cable reel mounted on two sections of slider bar installed in parallel on the bulkhead

If you are interested in a fully customised racking solution for your own van, call your nearest Syncro dealer and ask the experts there for commitment-free advice on how to make the most of your van for leisure or work.





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