A Sprinter for installing compressors

A Mercedes Sprinter made super-efficient by a Syncro racking solution

Protecting your van’s bodywork and installing Syncro racking and accessories turns your van into a far more efficient working partner. No matter how big the cargo compartment is, it can easily become a time-consuming jumble of confusion without proper liners, storage containers and cargo retaining accessories.

This page illustrates Syncro System’s solution for a Mercedes Sprinter L2H2 owned by a firm that sells and installs professional air compressors. The customer expressed two essential requirements:

  • plenty of free space for loading compressors, including large models, without damage to the van’s bodywork
  • orderly and easily accessible storage for tools, spares and fasteners

The solution that Syncro put forward – and the customer accepted – is a functional racking system that occupies only the bulkhead, leaving with the remainder of the cargo compartment empty but protected by steel lining panels. Let’s take a closer look.

Protection is better than repair: the importance of Syncro van liners

Protecting the floor and walls of your van is always a good idea, but if you need to transport bulky and heavy objects, it is absolutely essential. Proper liners prevent the sort of dents and scratches that are costly to repair and, if left unattended, can easily lead to rust.

The walls and doors of this Mercedes Sprinter are lined with custom-made steel panels that combine the characteristics of high strength and low weight. Syncro’s lightweight lining panels effectively protect the original body panels against impact while affording secure anchorage for accessories and a supporting surface for racking modules.

The van’s floor is protected by a plywood floor liner with a marble-look resin surface. This Syncro product is unique for having stainless-steel anchor ring cups and protective edge profiles for maximise strength and corrosion resistance. The van’s wheel arches have also been covered in, using the same material as the floor liner for the vertical face and aluminised steel for the top cover.

The racking on the Sprinter’s bulkhead

The only column of racking installed in this Sprinter is located at the bulkhead. This solution leaves almost the entirety of the cargo compartment free for carrying compressors and equipment.

The racking is configured as follows.

  • The floor-level compartment is partly enclosed by a door that opens on a patented lift-and-rotate hinge and does not protrude when closed.
  • Above this are four trays for metal cases, with Syncro’s patented retaining mechanism. A button at the front operates the two side latches that hold the tray securely in place even in the event of a collision.
  • Alongside are four drawers with non-slip bottom mats, internal space dividers and an automatic retaining mechanism.
  • Near the top are two configurable shelves.
  • The top shelf is fitted with with adapters for carrying eight removable plastic containers, each with a label holder at the front. (Syncro even provides the labels free of charge. You can download them here!)

There’s no need to walk all the way through the van to access the racking. The various containers are easily accessible from the Sprinter’s side door if the cargo compartment is fully occupied.

How to make the best use of space inside your van

The walls of this Sprinter have been left completely free. But here are some ideas for potential upgrades, chosen on the basis of Syncro’s 30 years of experience: between 1996 and 2023 we have fitted out over 90,000 vans all over the world.

1. Choose the most suitable cargo retaining accessories, perhaps combined with a Syncroblock bar, to secure cargo effectively using hooks and straps.

2. Install milled rails for cargo bars to divide the cargo compartment into separate sections that can be configured as needed.

3. Install fold-away shelves on the walls. These shelves take up no space when folded away and offer plenty of carrying capacity when opened out. They can also be combined with cargo retaining systems for greater security on the road.

Ways to make your job easier: a loading ramp

To make your Sprinter even more functional and to facilitate the loading and unloading of machines and equipment on wheels, ask Syncro to install a loading ramp. Our dealers offer a wide range of ramps, all Italian-made, tough and lightweight to suit your needs!

Looking for more ideas? Need free advice? Contact the sector’s leading experts.

This page illustrates just one of an almost infinite range of racking solutions for the Mercedes Sprinter. Syncro racking is fully customisable so no two vans are exactly the same… unless a customer asks us!

Don’t be afraid to list every one of your requirements. Together, we can find the perfect solution for you and install it in next to no time. Our expert, professional customer service will guide you through every stage, including after-sales. Nearly 100,000 customers have already joined the growing family of Syncro users, so the experts at our racking centres have all the experience needed to find the right solution to your needs too.

Look here to view other racking solutions for equipment installers.

Satisfaction is guaranteed! Get in touch now! Choosing Syncro System means joining a group of professionals who insist on quality and excellence for themselves and for their clients.





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