A Mercedes Sprinter for a heating and plumbing business

A racking solution in a Mercedes Sprinter for a heating and plumbing business

To be practical, a mobile workshop does not necessarily need racking installed on every available surface. The ideal solution depends entirely on the customer’s needs. By limiting the racking to one wall, for example, floor space can be kept free for other uses. This Mercedes Sprinter L2H2, for example, has racking only on the bulkhead behind the cab. A few accessories have been fixed to the left side wall, but the rest of the cargo compartment remains completely free. This is an excellent solution for this vehicle, which is used to carry large items of equipment like air conditioning split systems and outdoor units, and bathroom toilets, washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays. By adding a loading ramp and using a simple trolley, almost any object can be loaded safely and easily into the van through the rear or side doors and then lashed in place with hooks and straps.

The Sprinter’s floor and wall liners

The owners of this Sprinter chose to protect it with floor, door and wall liners. The bulkhead was left unlined as it is partly protected by the racking. The floor is covered by a plywood liner with a marble-look surface, accurately pre-shaped and pre-drilled to accommodate the floor anchor rings. The flimsy original panels that covered the bottom sections of the doors and walls have been removed and replaced with robust painted steel panels, right up to roof.

The racking on the Sprinter’s bulkhead

The bulkhead has been fitted out as a storage area. The racking starts with an open floor-level compartment, equipped with a case transport kit consisting of an end plate on the right, a metal bar at the back and a system of straps with knobs for adjusting strap tension to suit the number of cases carried. The configuration also includes five shelves, all with non-slip mats in the bottom. Two of these extend for the full width of the racking, the other three only for half. The column also contains two case trays with metal tool cases. At the top is a shelf with 15 tilting and removable transparent containers, five large and ten small. These containers are ideal for carrying small, frequently needed spares and materials in full view. Thanks to their limited depth, these cabinets are ideal for installation near the van’s roof, where the bulkhead slopes back. Another advantage is that tall objects can be carried on the top shelf in front the shallow container cabinets.

Accessories for the heating and plumbing firm

In this Sprinter owned by a heating and plumbing business, some accessories are installed on the racking side panels and others on the liners of the left side wall.

  • Every inch of space counts, right? A versatile and secure bar rack with strap is positioned between the side panel of the racking and the van’s wall to make use of even this tight space. Conveniently located on the side panel facing the van’s side door, where they can be reached easily from outside the van, we have a paper roll holder and a silicone cartridge rack with holes for nine cartridges and nozzles.
  • The van’s left side wall is fitted with two slider bars: one high up near the rear doors, with three movable and adjustable hooks and the other lower down and further in, with a quick-release hook and strap lashing system.

Want to fit out your own van?

If you need lots of free space in the back of your van, installing racking on just one wall, as in this Sprinter, might be the answer.

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Ask Syncro System now for a no-obligation consultation and quote. A fully personalised racking system can transform your van, help you work more efficiently, and save you time and money too!





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