A Ford Custom fitted out for a firm of undertakers

A Ford Custom conversion for an undertaking business

This page illustrates a medium size van that Syncro fitted out for an undertaking business. During discussions with the customer, the following requirements emerged:

  • a uniform system of liners to protect the interior of the van and to permit easy but thorough cleaning
  • a safe and easy-to-operate system for carrying coffins
  • efficient use of all remaining space to carry materials, accessories and utensils

Let’s see how these various needs were satisfied in this Ford Custom conversion project.

The Custom’s complete, aluminium chequer plate lining system

The first need the customer expressed was to line the interior of the van. Aluminium chequer plate is generally the preferred material for vehicles operated by undertakers. It is easy to clean using just a cloth and a neutral detergent and stays shiny and clean-looking long afterwards. In this Ford Custom, aluminium chequer plate was chosen not only for the floor liner but for the panels applied to the walls, doors and bulkhead too, as well as for the area at the side door and the storage spaces around the wheel arches. In short, all internal surfaces apart from the roof and pillars were covered in this material, giving the interior an attractive and uniform finish.

Equipment for undertakers: coffin slide

We now come to the second of the customer’s requirements: the installation in the Custom of a system for transporting coffins. Syncro System has developed a special solution for this purpose: the Syncro coffin slide. This special accessory consists of a frame that is fixed to the van’s floor and has a roller at the rear to make it easier to slide the coffin into the van. Once inside the van, the coffin slides on a carriage mounted on two side rails. A travel stop prevents the carriage striking the van’s bulkhead.

An upper floor and a practical idea for exploiting space

  • Syncro System adopted two original solutions to satisfy the customer’s third requirement for this Ford Custom: A second floor, again covered in aluminium chequer plate, was installed at mid-height, where it is easily accessible from all access points. The generous surface created in this way can be used to carry cases, boxes, cushions and other items, all of which can be held securely in place using Syncro cargo retaining systems.
  • Two open-top storage spaces were created around the wheel arches, both covered in aluminium chequer plate. These are extremely useful for carrying small items and consumables inside and for supporting larger items outside, secured with hooks and straps, like the folding trolley seen in one of the photos.
  • An extra storage area was created at the side door with the addition a simple strap or bungee. This area is ideal for carrying cases and other items that need to be easily accessible without having to open the rear doors.

Do you run an undertaking enterprise? Ask Syncro to find the best way to adapt your van to your business.

If you run an undertaking concern and are on the lookout for an effective way to exploit your van and make it better suited to your needs, just ask Syncro System for advice. No strings attached!

The solution seen on this page is just one of an infinite number of ways to customise your van. You can find other conversions for undertakers here: Trafic - Custom

Or if you want to browse Ford Custom racking solutions for other purposes, start here.





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