A Renault Trafic with a special conversion by Syncro System

A special van transformation for undertakers

The Renault Trafic seen in these photos features a very special transformation for a firm of undertakers. The van is a high-roof model and has been divided into four horizontal levels by custom steel frames and specially shaped Syncro floor panels. This solution is highly unusual for a van as it does not allow access on foot but requires loading and unloading only through the doors.

Customised linings in the undertakers’ Trafic

For such a special van conversion, we had to design and install a special lining system too. The inside of this Trafic is lined to three-quarters height in aluminium chequer plate. This material forms the liner over the original floor, the liners for the central sections of the doors, and the liners for the walls and bulkhead up to three-quarters total height. Following the customer’s requests, the roof and the uppermost part of the walls are lined with painted steel panelling. The wheel arches have been covered in too, in aluminium chequer plate on the inside surface and in steel on the shaped top and walls. This lining system provides total protection for the van, ensuring an extended working life by preventing dents, scratches and damage from liquid spillages and dirt. Another key advantage of this lining system is that it allows the inside the van to be washed down completely, even in the corners, without the worry of humidity remaining inside to damage the bodywork.

Different levels to increase floor space by almost 300%: the bottom section

The transformation of this Trafic for a firm of undertakers can be divided into four horizontal sections. The bottom section is enclosed by the liner over the original floor and a first raised floor above. The area thus obtained is further divided into enclosed compartments using steel sheet specially shaped by Syncro. This unique configuration allows the customer to carry the different parts of their coffin trolley in separate compartments from which they can be unloaded easily from the ground. One of the compartments is enclosed on all sides, the others only at the top and sides. Over these compartments is an additional space for carrying long objects under the raised floor. This last compartment is different in depth too and leaves space for loading items through the side door. Metal brackets have been fitted over these bottom compartments to support the base of the coffin trolley and stop it sliding around when the van is travelling.

First raised section: coffin slides

The first raised section of this multi-layered transformation starts with a raised floor in marble-look plywood that rests on the wheel aches and is secured to the walls of the van. The frame of a double coffin slide in aluminium and steel rests on this floor. Rear rollers facilitate the loading and unloading of the coffins, which slide on carriages along rails as far as the bulkhead. Mechanical retaining mechanisms are fitted in the direction of travel of the slides to hold them in position during transport.

Second raised section: a large shelf

Using aluminium profiles and steel brackets, all cut to size, the Syncro team constructed a special frame to support the second raised floor of this converted Trafic. This L-shaped frame supports a raised floor in marble-look plywood. One of the edges of this frame is fitted with a set of hooks, straps and locking knobs for securing cases or other items loaded through the side door.

Third raised section: exploiting the last inch of space

Another special frame, made in the same way as that beneath, supports the third and uppermost raised floor. In this case, the floor panel covers only the left half of the frame and is fitted with a raised edge down the long side to form a secure, extended storage space accessible from the rear of the van. Because the area to the right of the frame has been left free, it can be used to position tall items of cargo on the second floor.

Interested in a special transformation like this?

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