A Daily with a special Syncro solution for go-karts

Everything is fully customised in this go-kart team’s Iveco Daily

The great advantage of Syncro System racking lies in its ability to satisfy widely different needs. Syncro racking can be fully customised to meet any needs, whether those of plumbers and electricians or those associated with unusual professions. The Iveco Daily seen on this page belongs to a go-kart team and is used as a race support vehicle. The van therefore serves as a spares store and a mobile workshop for the repairs and modifications needed “on the fly” during race sessions.

Maximum safety and complete protection from the Iveco Daily’s interior liners

Syncro’s technical team chose to protect the Daily’s floor with a rubber-coated plywood floor liner. This material is incredibly resistant to heavy loads and has a high-grip surface that dramatically reduces the risk of slipping, falling and injury. The van’s walls and doors are lined with custom-made painted steel panels. These are ideal for fixing cargo retaining accessories and racking elements without having to drill or modify the van’s original bodywork.

The Daily’s custom-made team tent stand

Thanks to the amazing flexibility of the Ultra system, Syncro’s technical staff we able to design a special stand for the team’s tent. The stand, installed near the rear doors, consists of two main parts:

  • A small structure near the rear doors for carrying the tent, comprising two side panels, a rear panel and a rubber-coated top; this forms a compartment that is open towards the rear doors, inside which the customer arranges the weights used to hold the tent down once erected.
  • The tent is held firmly in place by hooks and straps secured to two vertical cargo bars arranged in parallel and engaged in the holes of two lengths of milled rail fixed to the van’s roof and floor. If needed, the cargo bars can be removed and used to secure other material further inside the cargo compartment.

Need to transport a go-kart? Here’s a great idea from Syncro System!

This go-kart team’s Iveco Daily obviously needs a space for the kart itself. Syncro’s idea is simple enough, and made possible by the exceptional strength of Syncro System hooks and straps. In this case, the hooks are fixed to two vertical milled rails attached to the van’s left side wall. The rails run for the full height of the vehicle, from floor to roof, one at the rear door and the other about halfway along the left wall.

The Daily’s racking system, with Syncro drawers and shelves

As you can see, the van is fitted with:

  • Two identical racking modules comprising a floor-level compartment with a door and four drawers arranged in decreasing size that support a marble-look plywood work top. The two drawer units are arranged between the left side wall and the bulkhead, with their outer edges touching. This leaves space free in the corner for transporting long objects without any additional lashing.
  • At the top of the left wall, over the drawer unit, is a shelf with a lashing strap for holding spare tyres for the go-kart.
  • A third racking module is positioned along the right side wall and consists of a floor-level compartment partly enclosed by a door, two shelves of removable Euronorm containers and a second worktop with a rubber-coated surface. The van’s operators use this to support the monitor and keyboard they use for telemetry during qualification and racing.

Race support accessories

The electrical and electronic devices used by the team’s technical staff are powered via a cable with reel that takes 220 V current from the outdoor power distribution columns to the inside of the van. Electrical cables distribute this power from the source to sockets installed near the work benches. The racking side panels are fitted with two spray can racks, a paper reel holder, a rack for fuel or oil cans and a rack for long objects, complete with plastic clips.

No space is wasted with a Syncro racking system

The ability to make full use of all available space is a winning card as it means less time and less money wasted. The more material you can carry in you van in a safe and orderly way, the more you save.

For this reason, Syncro uses every inch of your van to satisfy your needs. Want an example? Take the open corner formed by the two drawer units, or the space formed behind the front drawer unit by the sloping bulkhead. Even these spaces can be used to carry useful equipment, like the folding table seen here, for example.

Need a fully customised racking solution?

These photos of an Iveco Daily for a go-kart team prove the point. A practical solution can be found for any requirement in your current or future vehicle. So don’t wait! Get in touch with your nearest Syncro System centre now!





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