A special Syncro racking solution for a go-kart race trailer

A special racking solution for a go-kart racing team

The incredibly flexible van racking designed and made by Syncro System comprises different elements that can be combined exactly as necessary to meet the needs of the user. For this reason, Syncro racking can be installed in all types of vehicle, not just vans. On this page we can see a special racking solution installed in a trailer used to provide race assistance for go-karts. This trailer is far more spacious than any model of van. Because it is so tall, the go-kart team has even been able to fit a raised floor at the front to house an office, accessed by a small flight of stairs from the main floor that serves as the team’s workshop. The workshop, of course, is where the Syncro System racking is found.

Syncro racking is tailored to the space available

There is no such thing as a standard Syncro racking system. Every installation is tailored to meet the customer’s needs. We can see this clearly from the photos of the interior of this trailer, in which the original wheel arches are so much larger than those of any van. Syncro has adapted the racking to suit the shape and size of the wheel arches along the side walls. Practical drawer configurations fit neatly around the wheel arches and use them to form structures than serve both as work benches and as storage for the tools, equipment and spares used to service and repair the team’s go-karts.

Syncro drawers in the go-kart team’s trailer

The trailer’s workshop storage consists of 36 metal drawers. The two mirror-image drawer configurations on either side of the trailer provide plenty of room for carrying everything the team needs. The drawers are of different heights, but all feature the same recessed, ergonomic handle in the front panel, which incorporates a mechanism for releasing the drawers and locking them automatically in closed position when slid shut. Inside, each drawer is equipped with a non-slip mat and, on request, can be fitted with metal partitions to divide the space into separate compartments.

The trailer’s work surfaces

The drawer cabinets reach halfway up the walls and, at the top, are covered with large plywood worktops with a marble-look surface. Both worktops have raised edges at the back to stop small items falling down behind the racking and are extremely resistant to impact and to humidity.

{0>Rotaie in alluminio per il bloccaggio di materiale nel bilico<}0{>Aluminium rails for securing cargo inside the trailer<0}

The free sections of wall and the floor inside the go-kart team’s trailer have been fitted with aluminium rail (with a rounded profile on the walls, a flat profile on the floor). These rails can be used to install milled cargo bars or to attach lashing straps and other cargo retaining accessories. The aim is obviously to allow the go-kart team to transport even large items of cargo inside the trailer, without scratching or damaging the cargo or the vehicle itself.

Do you own a “special-purpose” vehicle? If so, ask Syncro to design a special racking solution for you.

If you own a “special-purpose” vehicle and need a racking system to transform it into an effective mobile workshop, or simply need to arrange all the tools and materials you use for your work or leisure in perfect order, you can count on Syncro System!

The technical staff at your nearest Syncro dealership will be delighted to come up with a special solution to satisfy your requirements. Don’t lose any time, ask for an obligation-free quote now!





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