An electrician’s Opel Combo with space for a bicycle

An Opel Combo with Syncro System racking for an electrician

The compact Opel Combo can be converted into a great mobile workshop thanks to the skill and professionalism of Syncro System and the unique characteristics of the Ultra racking system, which offers unrivalled versatility in combining different racking elements and accessories. On this page we present an Opel Combo with a racking solution for an electrician. The racking is fully customised and includes features that make it quite unique:

  • an underfloor storage system divided into two separate parts
  • compartments arranged to provide access largely from the outside

If you would like a solution of this kind, read on to learn more.

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The Opel Combo’s underfloor storage with a special solution for work and hobby

The customer who commissioned this racking project is an electrician who uses his van not just for work, but for his hobby too. The requirements of installing and maintaining electrical systems are therefore complicated by those of his favourite sport: cycling. The Syncro team nevertheless found a way to combine both and completely satisfy the customer. The van is fitted with a custom-made underfloor storage system with a cut-away in the centre for carrying a bicycle and securing it with straps and hooks. This leaves the underfloor section almost fully available for storage, apart from the few centimetres taken up by the cut-away. The bicycle can be carried without touching the van’s roof, and the cut-away is custom-made to stop it moving when the van is on the road. The underfloor storage accessible from the rear doors and from the right side door consists of plain shelves for carrying long objects, while that accessible from the left side door houses a metal drawer with a non-slip mat and internal space dividers. Both the original floor and the raised floor are covered in marble-look plywood floor panels.

A special racking system on the left of the Combo

Given the special formation of the raised floor, with a central cut-away running for its full length, walkable access to the van’s interior is somewhat restricted. For this reason, the most frequently used drawers and shelves have been arranged face outwards and can be accessed easily without having to enter the van. The racking on the left side starts with a sideways-opening drawer cabinet with four drawers. Entering the van gives you access to three shelves and a top tray.

Racking at the Combo’s left side door: everything accessible from outside

Opening the Combo’s left side door gives access to an underfloor drawer, four pull-out containers in transparent plastic for sundries and electrical spares, an open compartment for electrical equipment that can be plugged directly into a power socket on a small electrical system connected to the van’s battery and, finally, a small top shelf.

Racking at the Combo’s right side door: again, everything accessible from outside

Behind the right side door are three drawers and two pull-out trays containing Galaxy clear plastic cases. The underfloor compartment at the right side door is ideal for storing all kinds of objects, tools and equipment.

Syncro System cargo retaining accessories in the Combo

In addition to the hook and strap system in the middle of the floor for securing the bicycle, this electrician’s Combo is also fitted with:

  • a spray can rack
  • A strap-based retaining system on the right side wall for carrying a ladder

These photos give you a good idea of the freedom that Syncro’s Ultra system offers you to design and install a 100% personal racking solution. Get in touch and give us a chance to satisfy your own special needs!





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