A special racking solution for the fire brigade

A special racking solution for the fire brigade

This page illustrates a special racking solution – an unusual configuration of racking and accessories designed to satisfy the needs of an equally unusual profession. The van seen here is operated by a local section of the fire brigade. The customer gave us various requirements. In particular he needed to:

  • fit out part of the vehicle as a work area with a practical bench and all the equipment needed to connect and use power tools and devices
  • enclose all storage spaces for maximum safety and orderliness
  • install autonomous power systems in a dedicated part of the van

Customised liners for a van operated by the fire brigade

As usual, Syncro System started work by protecting the interior of the vehicle. The floor was covered with a resin-coated plywood liner while the walls and doors were lined with aluminium chequer plate panels. This material is the ideal choice whenever quick and easy washing down is a requirement.

The left of the van and the work bench

In this fire brigade service van, the work area is located along the left side wall. The work bench itself is made from plywood and is supported by a racking unit made up of a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door and five metal drawers. The bench is illuminated by an LED light fixed to the underside of a cabinet containing ten transparent containers and has a raised edge at the back to stop small parts from falling down behind it. A multi-socket at the side of the bench provides electrical power for tools and a bar with plastic clips on the wall behind the bench provides convenient storage for hand tools.

Containers and cargo retaining systems on the left wall

The forward floor-level compartment in this fire brigade service van has been left open but equipped with a metal rail, hooks and straps. Further forward, at the bulkhead, these same accessories are used to secure a plastic bin containing a special foam extinguishing agent for use with fuel fires. The exhaust flue for the nearby generator passes through the same compartment. Further up are four shelves with top-pivot doors and, at the top, a full-length top tray with a fold-down access door at the rear of the van. Over the work bench, the top tray has been fitted with a rubber-coated bar for supporting large items of cargo without them getting scratched by hard edges.

Ample storage and useful accessories on the right of the van

The right of the van has been equipped with a series of shelves, mainly enclosed, and drawers. The use of enclosed compartments ensures fire-brigade orderliness inside the van and dramatically reduces the risk of equipment falling, becoming entangled or damaged. The configuration starts with one floor-level compartment with a tilt-and-rotate door, another compartment with a lift-up door, four metal drawers, two shelves enclosed by top-pivot doors and a secure locker. The rearward facing side panel is equipped with:

  • a cable reel for distributing electrical current outside the van
  • a hose reel for distributing compressed air outside the van
  • a paper roll holder for cleaning hands and tools

Van autonomy systems on the bulkhead

At the bulkhead behind the cab is a powerful compressor-generator combo. Overhead is a bulkhead-mounted unit with two open shelves, the bottom holding batteries and the top holding a pure sine-wave inverter.

In search of a special racking solution? Just ask Syncro System.

Ever since Syncro System first specialised in van racking back in 1996, our aim has always been to satisfy the needs of every customer by designing racking to suit the van and the professional requirements of its owner. The design and installation of special racking solutions was a logical consequence. After all, some jobs are so unique that they demand unique and sometime complex solutions. In addition to the solution described here, you can find many other special conversions in this section of the Syncro website.

If you need a really special racking solution for yourself or your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch!





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