A Fiat Ducato racking system for the air force

A special racking solution for the air force

The van seen in the photos on this page was fitted out by Syncro System for the 6th wing of the Italian air force stationed at Ghedi, in the Lombardy region. The 6th wing is a fighter group and goes under the name of “the Red Devils”. The identity of the van’s operators is clear at first glance, because in addition to the normal racking and accessories, the group’s name and logo are reproduced in red on a sheet of aluminium tread plate recessed into the plywood floor liner.

Interior liners for the air force Ducato

The interior of the Ducato is well protected, so the van is ready to tackle any “situation” the maintenance team might face without risking dents and scratches and, in time, costly rust damage. The floor is protected by a marble-look plywood floor liner with an aluminium tread plate insert at the centre. The van’s walls and doors are covered in painted steel panelling that extends from the floor to the roof.

The left of the Ducato: workshop area and work bench

The left of the Ducato is fitted out as a workshop area and is equipped with everything necessary for maintaining military aircraft on the apron or in the hangars.

Near the rear is a floor-level compartment complete with doors and a series of shallow metal drawers. Over these is a plywood work bench with a raised edge on the right and a steel vice. On the wall behind the worktop is a metal bar with plastic clips for tools. The Syncro team even customised the interior of the drawers, creating shaped recesses for the tools requested by the customer. One of the photos shows an open drawer containing ratchet spanners, a rubber headed mallet, a hammer, a mole grips, a metre, a long screwdriver, a brush, and punches, each in its own place.

Also on the left of the Ducato: multi-purpose storage

In addition to the work area, the racking on the left of the van provides various forms of storage:

  • a small, lockable locker, ideal for keeping valuable electronic devices or personal effects
  • a set of jerry can holders complete with plastic jerry cans for fuels and oils
  • a number of shelves, including two with additional rear panels for greater capacity
  • a full-length top tray with an access door at the rear

The right of the Ducato: storage for tools

The racking on the right of this air force Ducato consists of a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door, two shelves with top-pivot doors and two open configurable shelves. All shelves are fitted with non-slip mats and metal space dividers. A fold-away vice bench is attached to the rear side panel of the racking. This type of vice bench occupies very little space when closed, but in just a few seconds can be released and folded down to form an extremely robust work surface thanks to a strong support and top quality materials.

The bulkhead of the Ducato: a compressor-generator combo and transparent containers

Even the bulkhead of this Ducato is cleverly exploited.

- Running across the van is a powerful compressor-generator that produces 6 kW of power and 360 l/min of compressed air. The unit’s air tank and silencer are located under the van’s floor.

- At the top of the bulkhead is a series of pull-out transparent containers, ideal for carrying small articles and spares as you can see exactly what is inside without having to open them.

Accessories for the air force’s Ducato

This already extensive racking system is complemented by various useful accessories:

Left side:

  • a complete distribution system for the compressed air and electrical power produced by the compressor-generator combo
  • an electrical power panel with sockets and a switch
  • an LED light over the work bench
  • a cable reel and a hose reel near the rear doors
  • an inverter with battery charger

Right side:

  • a cable holder
  • an orientable LED spotlight


  • a multi-purpose metal pocket with the Syncro logo
  • a handwash kit with water container and tap
  • a soap dispenser

Need a special racking solution for your van?

If you need a fully customised racking system in your van, just ask Syncro System for an obligation-free consultation.

As you can see from the photos on this page, Syncro can design and install even fully personalised racking solutions!





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