A Fiat Ducato with racking for a travelling trader

A Fiat Ducato with a special racking solution for a travelling trader

The Fiat Ducato seen in the photos on this page features a really unique racking system created by Syncro System for a travelling trader who sells directly from his van. The cargo compartment is protected by Syncro liners and fitted with a fully personalised racking system to serve as an effective mobile shop. Go to this page to see other examples of special Syncro racking solutions.

A complete lining system for the Fiat Ducato

The first thing the Syncro team did was line the interior of the van, including the walls and doors, with custom-made protective panels. The floor is covered by a plywood liner with a rubber-coated surface that guarantees extremely high grip and is therefore ideal for applications where accidental liquid spillages are likely. The upper sections of the doors are protected by painted steel panels while the original Fiat panelling has been left at the bottom. The rear bumper is covered with a non-slip, stainless-steel footplate to make access to the vehicle as safe as possible.

The left of the trader’s Ducato

The special racking on the left of the travelling trader’s Ducato extends from the floor to the roof and consists of:

  • two floor-level compartments, the first partly enclosed by a fully opening door and the second fitted with hooks and a lashing strap
  • a series of metal drawers with non-slip mats and internal space dividers
  • a tray that pulls out just like a drawer, with an aluminium partition in the middle and a marble-look plywood bottom
  • two plain shelves fitted with their flanges facing up, one of which is used to transport plastic jerry cans with taps
  • one configurable shelf with non-slip mats and internal space dividers
  • two cabinets of removable transparent plastic containers
  • seven custom-made, marble-look plywood boxes on the rearward side panel

Shelving on the Ducato’s bulkhead

A simple column of racking is installed at the van’s bulkhead, formed by two side panels, three open shelves with their flanges facing up and a configurable top shelf. The small floor-level compartment is equipped with a hook and strap system for securing cargo.

The right of the trader’s Ducato

The racking on the right of the trader’s Ducato is divided into two sections. The first consists of a floor-level compartment with a fully opening door, two shelves with plastic jerry cans for dispensing liquids and a configurable top shelf. The second section is installed at the van’s side door and incorporates a series of shelves for Euronorm plastic containers plus a configurable shelf at the top. The rearward facing side panel of the racking is fitted with a series of plywood boxes identical to those on the left.

Custom solutions: plywood boxes, Euronorm containers and plastic jerry cans for dispensing liquids

This travelling trader’s Ducato is equipped with a number of unique solutions, custom-made for this van. Let’s take a closer look!

  • Plywood boxes: the Syncro catalogue offers a range of practical metal pockets but these did not quite match the requirements of the customer. The Syncro team was therefore asked to install a number of specially designed boxes made from marble-look plywood. The plywood panels had to be cut to size and assembled before the finished boxes could be fixed to the racking side panels.
  • Open shelves for plastic jerry cans: since the customer has to carry a large number of plastic jerry cans for dispensing different liquids, open shelves with internal partitions and raised rear panels in marble-look plywood were fitted on both sides of the Ducato to hold the cans securely in place and to facilitate their removal and repositioning.
  • The shelves with adapters for Euronorm containers are located in a way that makes them easily accessible from outside without compromising the security of the containers during transport.

Looking for a special racking solution for your own van? Call Syncro System!

As this special Fiat Ducato racking system shows, Syncro System can find exactly the right solution for all requirements.

So even if you need a fully customised solution for your own van, phone us, write or simply call in now. Together we can find the perfect answer to your needs!





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