A Fiat Doblò with underfloor drawers

A special racking solution in a Fiat Doblò

Syncro System’s most unique talent lies in finding custom solutions for all possible needs. The Fiat Doblò seen on this page is a good example of how special racking systems can be designed to match any customer specification. What’s special about it?

  • a double height underfloor drawer unit
  • racking that uses every inch of space in the small cargo compartment, which extends for only one third of the vehicle
  • a good choice of accessories to maximise functionality

The Doblò’s bodywork protection

Only the rear third of this Fiat Doblò is equipped with Syncro System racking and accessories. A crew cab occupies the remaining two thirds. A painted steel partition has been installed between the racking and the cab to separate the two areas. The raised floor is made from a plywood liner with a marble-look surface.

Racking and accessories on the left of the Doblò

This vehicle was originally designed to carry passengers only, so it has windows in the rear walls. This meant that Syncro’s installation team was unable to attach the racking to the sides. The racking on the left and right is therefore fixed to a metal bar that runs horizontally across the partition. The racking on the left consists of a floor-level compartment enclosed by a full-access door, three generous metal drawers arranged one over the other, and a shelf at the top. The depth of these racking elements was chosen to suit the space in which it is installed: the bottom compartment is therefore deeper than the drawers and shelf above. A spray can rack is attached to the side panel where it is easily accessible from outside the van.

Transparent containers on the right of the Doblò

The right of the Doblò features a shallower configuration that that on the left: this can be seen clearly by counting the holes across the Syncro Ultra side panels. The column starts with a floor-level compartment, open but clearly delimited by a bottom profile as well as by the wall and side panels. Over this are four rows of pull-out transparent containers. The side panel at the back of the vehicle is equipped with two key cleaning accessories: a paper roll holder and a soap dispenser with holder. These cleaning accessories are complemented by a handwash kit with water container and tap on the rear right door.

A special double height underfloor drawer unit

The idea of installing an underfloor drawer unit allowed the Syncro team to exploit every inch of space in this vehicle. The drawer unit beneath the raised floor occupies 70 cm in height, allowing two levels of “hidden” drawers to be fitted. These are equipped with non-slip mats and metal dividers inside, and can be pulled out all the way using handled with built-in release mechanisms in their front panels. The raised floor over the drawer unit is strong enough to support the weight of the racking even when full of tools and materials, plus, of course, the weight of the van’s operator.

Customisation makes the difference

Everything about this van’s racking system is special, from the size of the raised floor to the combination of racking elements, and from the choice and mounting of the accessories to the design of the underfloor drawer unit. The cherry on the cake is yet another special idea that improves comfort and convenience in the cab: a set of coat hooks fixed to the partition between the passenger cab and the cargo compartment!

Don’t waste time. Ask now for a no-obligation quote.

This Fiat Doblò is a great example of what Syncro System can do to satisfy even the most unusual customer needs. So don’t miss this chance to transform your vehicle into the van of your dreams. A special racking solution by Syncro System can save you time and money every day and improve the satisfaction of your own customers!





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