Special Syncro equipment in an Iveco Daily for the Forest Rangers

Special equipment for an Iveco Daily

On this page we present a Daily 4x4 fitted out by Syncro System for use by a section of the Forest Rangers. The Iveco Daily 4x4 is a lightweight but large van, with plenty of space inside. It is also more than capable of tackling all kinds of road surface: its 4x4 transmission allows it to take on even the most uneven and rocky terrains. These characteristics, plus the added functionality provided by a Syncro System special racking solution, make the Daily ideal for the Forest Rangers, who operate almost exclusively in mountain areas, over dirt and forestry roads.

Syncro liners and racking inside the Daily

This Daily 4x4 is equipped with custom-made racking and with various internal and external accessories. As usual, however, the Syncro team began by protecting the interior bodywork. The floor is covered by a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface, while the walls, the top of the bulkhead, the roof and the doors are lined by pre-shaped, pre-drilled, painted steel panels. Even the wheel arches have been covered in, using marble-look plywood for the inward-facing surfaces and painted steel for the arches.

The left of the Forest Rangers’ Daily 4x4

Half of the left wall of the Forest Rangers’ Daily has been left free, apart from two bars with straps and sliding fittings that run horizontally at different heights over the wheel arch. Inwards from these cargo retaining systems are two columns of metal drawers, one with six, the other with eight drawers, starting from floor level. The top of both columns terminates in shelves enclosed by lift-and-rotate doors. The space between the drawers and the bulkhead is equipped with two more shelves. The bottom of this space is partly delimited by a small lift-and-rotate door. The mid-height shelf is open for easy access. The top shelf supports a work top that forms part of an L-shaped surface with the top of the bulkhead racking.

Racking and retaining systems on the right of the Daily

The right wall too has been left partly free. The only racking here consists of a floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door, four metal drawers, a plain shelf and a configurable shelf at the top. Multi-purpose cargo retaining systems are installed on the wall just above the level of the wheel arch. The photo shows these securing a generator and a lift trolley for safe transport. Both these items of equipment are heavy and awkward to lift. A convenient way to load them into and from the van is therefore essential. The Daily is equipped with a loading ramp for this purpose.

A loading ramp and veranda for the Daily 4x4

The loading ramp seen in these photos is a folding model. It can be stowed inside the van and secured by one of the lashing straps if it is likely to be used, of left at the Rangers’ depot and used to provide easy access to the van whenever needed. A large veranda with a folding support frame provides protection against the sun and rain along the right of the van, and even covers the side door to the cargo compartment.

The bulkhead: the workshop area of the Daily 4x4

The Daily’s generous dimensions make it possible to install racking on the bulkhead too. This part of the van has been transformed into a practical workshop area, with a marble-look plywood work top, a vice, a tool rack panel at the top of the bulkhead and, at the bottom, an open compartment with a portable oilless compressor and a tray for carrying liquids – complete with a metal jerry can.

A wide range of Syncro accessories to complement the Daily’s racking

This Forest Rangers’ Iveco Daily 4x4 has been thoughtfully equipped with Syncro accessories to maximise functionality and allow the rangers to work efficiently in all conditions.

On the left rear door:

  • a metal frame with a lashing strap holding a handwash kit consisting of a plastic water container with tap
  • a second metal frame holding a liquid soap dispenser

On the bulkhead racking:

  • a multi-purpose metal pocket
  • two spray can racks

On the side panel of the right-side racking:

  • a hose reel connected to the air compressor
  • a cable reel connected to the generator

Invest in a special racking solution!

If you drive an “unconventional” vehicle, or if you need a really specific racking solution, just ask Syncro System!

Every Syncro solution is fully customised to meet the needs of the user!





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