A Ford Custom fitted out for a plumbing business

A complete racking solution in a Custom used to install and repair heating and plumbing systems

The Ford Custom seen in these photos is owned by a firm that installs and services heating and plumbing systems for private and business customers. Syncro System has fitted out this van, an L1H2 model, with a view to ensuring maximum functionality for work and travel. It has been equipped with a large number of containers and various cargo retaining systems while leaving enough room to carry large items of equipment. Let’s take a closer look at the racking installed in this vehicle.

The Custom’s liners: minimal but effective

To get off on the right foot, the customer asked us to protect the van’s original floor and chose for the purpose a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface. This liner comes cut to shape and size for this model of Custom and accurately follows the contours of the bodywork, forming a perfectly flat walkable surface that is amazingly tough and able to resist impacts and liquid spillages. Apart from being particularly easy to clean, this type of liner looks great too! Syncro’s wide range of liners also includes panels for your van’s doors, walls, roof and bulkhead. Look here for more lining solutions for the Custom.

Syncro racking on the left of the Custom

The racking on the left of this Ford Custom L1H2 starts with a floor-level section consisting of a compartment with a lift-up door and a second open compartment with a shuttle-type case transport system. This transport system is designed to secure cases of all shapes and sizes. Syncro’s metal tool cases can also be carried in case trays, two of which are installed over the three drawers near the rear doors. Then there are four configurable shelves with raised rear panels to maximise carrying capacity and stop small items falling down behind the racking. One of these shelves is narrower than the others since it is complemented by a separate small shelf at the bulkhead end. Both racking columns are capped by two top shelves.

A great way to optimise space: cargo retaining accessories

It doesn’t take much to use available space more efficiently. In this van, the job has been done by fixing milled bars to the vertical front edges of the racking side panels. These bars can be used to install horizontal cargo bars, rings, or straps with buckles or ratchets that can be adjusted to secure objects of all shapes and sizes, avoiding the risk of objects sliding, falling, and causing damage in transit.

Racking on the right of the Custom

More racking has been installed on the right of this plumber’s Custom, starting with a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door. The racking’s central section is divided into two parts. Near the rear doors is a column of four case trays with metal cases. Alongside this is a cabinet of drawers that open towards the van’s side door. Between the racking and the rear door is a fold-away vice bench that occupies very little space when closed but provides a strong, stable work surface when folded down and secured. A multi-purpose metal pocket has been installed behind the vice bench.

Transparent containers in the Custom

At the top of the right-side racking are four rows of pull-out transparent containers. The advantage of containers of this type is that van users can see immediately what is inside. Because they are made from PMMA (the material used to make aircraft windows) there is absolutely no doubt about their strength. PMMA is also unaffected by UV radiation, meaning that it does not turn yellow or crack if exposed to sunlight. And because contents are instantly visible, it is so much easier to keep everything in order. This means no more time wasted searching for the right part and no more running out of essential spares in the middle of a job.

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Want to see more? On this page you can see another Custom, also fitted out for a plumber, with partly enclosed shelves, and here are various photo galleries of Syncro System Ford Custom conversions.

A good racking system saves you time and money every day. So don’t wait! Get in touch with your nearest Syncro dealer now and ask them to design a custom racking system for your van!





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