A Ford Transit for a heating and plumbing business

A Ford Transit transformed into a mobile workshop for plumbers and heating engineers

On this page you can see a large van, a Transit Ford, fitted out by Syncro System for a heating and plumbing business. A large number of Syncro customers work in this field, and all of them have found the perfect solution to their needs in personalised configurations of Syncro racking and accessories. The racking in this van occupies both side walls, while the bulkhead is fitted only with a simple cargo retaining system. Useful accessories and a roof rack enhance the vehicle’s functionality.

The Ford Transit’s “mixed” lining system

The lining system in this Ford Transit is made up of three different materials:

  • plywood with a marble-look surface for the liner that covers the van’s original floor and provides protection against wear, dents, scratches and liquid spillages
  • aluminium tread plate for the bulkhead lining, where two panels provide added separation from the cab and rigid support for the bar and cargo strap
  • smooth aluminium for the custom-made wall and door panels

The left of the Transit: customised shelving

The entire left side of this Ford Transit is occupied by shelving arranged to satisfy different needs. The compartments at floor level have been left open apart from bottom profiles at the front. The compartment nearest the front of the van is fitted with a hook and strap lashing system that is repeated on three of the shelves on the same wall. This combination of accessories allows cargo on this side to be lashed securely in place. There are five configurable shelves in all, each fitted with a non-slip mat, plus a full-length top tray with a fold-down door at the back for carrying long objects. A configurable shelf with adapters for a metal case is fitted at the top of the rearmost floor compartment.

The right side of the Transit: shelves and removable containers

On the right of this Transit you can see a second racking configuration consisting of a floor-level compartment with a raised front profile and more shelves. The first two shelves are identical to the top shelf, with non-slip mats and internal space dividers. The third and fourth shelves house removable plastic containers. A fold-away vice bench complete with metal vice is attached to the side panel of this racking. A simple folding mechanism allows this type of vice bench to take up very little space when not in use while affording a strong and stable work surface when folded down, thanks to a robust built-in support.

Accessories in the plumbing firm’s Ford Transit

The accessories in this Ford Transit make a great contribution to the vehicle’s functionality for heating and plumbing work. The van is fitted with:

  • cargo retaining accessories: hooks and straps for lashing cargo to the front of the shelving, a metal bar with hooks and lashing straps on the bulkhead for securing loads of different shapes and sizes, and a cable holder and bar rack on the side panel of the left side racking
  • cleaning accessories: a handwash kit and a soap dispenser on the left rear door and a paper roll holder on the side panel of the right-side racking

The Transit’s roof rack

The roof of this plumbers’ Transit is fitted with a roof rack complete with side fences and a rear loading roller. The first cross bar of this roof rack incorporates Syncro’s exclusive, plastic Ultrasilent profile that drastically reduces noise and vibration when the van is travelling at speed.

Like this racking solution? Looking for something different? Get in touch with Syncro!

Syncro System racking solutions are always accurately tailored to the needs of the customer. We’ve fitted out tens of thousands of vans in over twenty-five years of business, so we’ve got plenty of ideas! If the solution on this page looks interesting, show it to our installation team as a starting point for your own racking system.

If you’d like to see other examples of mobile workshops in the Transit, start here.

Elsewhere on our website, you can also find plenty of different racking systems for heating and plumbing businesses in other makes and models of van: Jumper - Movano - Boxer - Partner - NV300 - Transporter

So don’t wait! Contact your nearest Syncro dealer now to make the most of your van and convey a far more professional image to your clients!





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