A Transit with racking for a painting and decorating firm

A racking system in a Ford Transit for painters and decorators

The firm that commissioned this racking solution knows exactly what Syncro System can do. We have already fitted out other vehicles in their fleet and each of these has been equipped in a way that responds to separate working needs, and suits the different jobs that the company handles. The interior of this Ford Transit has been completely and accurately lined. The racking as such is confined to the right side, with the left and the bulkhead equipped only with a few items, mainly cargo retaining accessories. This leaves plenty of floor space free while providing useful attachment points for cargo.

The Transit’s bodywork liners

The starting point for this Ford Transit conversion was the installation of interior liners to protect the areas most subject to wear:

  • The floor is protected by a marble-look plywood floor liner – a wear and impact resistant solution that is also beautifully easy to clean.
  • The van’s walls are protected by made-to-measure painted steel panels to which accessories can be attached directly, leaving the original walls undamaged.
  • The tops of the doors are lined too.

Cargo retaining accessories on the left of the Transit

The left side of the van seen in these photos has been left almost completely free. The lining panels support only a cargo lashing system and a full-length tray. This has been installed high up, almost in contact with the roof, where objects that take up the entire length of the van can be transported conveniently. Contents can be accessed in two ways: from the side or from the rear, where a fold-down door allows pipes, rods and cable channels, etc. to be loaded and removed with ease. The cargo lashing system on the van’s side wall consists of a long section of slider bar with ring attachments for lashing straps that can be adjusted to secure equipment, spares and materials of all kinds.

The storage area on the right of the Transit

The racking as such is concentrated along the right side of this painting and decorating firm’s Transit. It consists of two side panels with the equally spaced holes typical of the Ultra system and a series of horizontal elements. The area at floor level has been transformed into useful storage space by the addition of a lift-up door. Above this is a configurable shelf complete with non-slip mat and a raised rear panel, two other shelves with gas spring mounted lift-up doors and finally an open shelf at the top.

The Transit’s accessories

In addition to the left side wall, the Transit’s bulkhead too is fitted with a length of bar, this time near the roof and equipped with two cable holders. The van also has other accessories to help its operators work more efficiently:

  • The left rear door is fitted with a handwash kit comprising a water tank with tap and a liquid soap dispenser for washing hands and tools in the absence of a mains water supply.
  • The rearward side panel of the racking is equipped with a first aid kit and a paper roll holder.
  • Lighting inside the van is provided by a series of LED lights under the roof. These powerful but energy-efficient lights diffuse bright light throughout the van’s interior.

Have you chosen a Transit? Call Syncro now to discuss your ideal racking system.

If you need to transform your Ford Transit into a mobile workshop, just get in touch with Syncro System. Our expert staff will be happy to offer obligation-free advice on how best to fit out your van, what accessories to choose and how to arrange them to make your van as efficient and practical as possible.

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