A Ford Transit L2 H2 for a pipe and infrastructure service

A Syncro racking solution in an infrastructure company’s Ford Transit

The Syncro System conversion seen here is in a Ford Transit L2H2 owned by a firm that installs, maintains and connects water, sewage and gas pipes and infrastructure. The van is used by a team that installs and maintains these systems, so the customer specified the following equipment:

  • open and closed storage compartments along with plenty of free space for carrying all the spare parts, equipment, tools and accessories the team needs
  • a robust work bench for minor repairs and adjustments

If the solution illustrated on this page might be of use to you, carry on reading. If, instead, you want to see other racking solutions for the Ford Transit, start on this page.

Protective linings for the Ford Transit’s bodywork

The first step in any Syncro van conversion is to protect the interior of the vehicle. The reason is simple and easy to understand: protective liners keep your van safe from damage, preventing rust and maintaining its resale value for years to come. This Ford Transit, owned by an infrastructure installation and maintenance service, is fitted with a marble-look plywood floor liner. The same material also covers the side door access step. The exposed edges of the liners are themselves protected by stainless-steel profiles to make access safer and to protect the edges against damage by heavy footwear. The van’s walls are lined from floor to roof with custom-made, painted steel panels.

The left of the Transit L2H2: storage

The left of the infrastructure firm’s Transit is fitted out as a mobile warehouse. The racking consists of a floor-level compartment with hooks and straps for securing cargo and three drawers with automatic mechanisms for holding them shut, non-slip mats and dividers for creating separate internal compartments. There is also a number of simple and practical multi-purpose shelves, including two small ones for carrying frequently used sundries and three larger, more versatile ones for other items. Two accessories have been added to the racking at the rear of the van, using the equally spaced holes typical of Ultra side panels: a fire extinguisher bracket on the floor and a paper roll holder at the top. Thanks to the holes in Ultra side panels, van users can add and move accessories whenever they want!

The right of the Transit L2H2: the mobile workshop

The right of the Transit has been converted into a small workshop area using a half-height racking module with a marble-look plywood top that serves as a work bench and a metal vice on a fold-away bench accessible from outside the vehicle. The vice bench can be set up and folded away in next to no time and is super-stable in operation thanks to a r igid support that extends to the ground. Because of its tough design and build, this type of bench is ideal for adjustments and repair work. Beneath the work bench are four large drawers and two small shelves plus a floor-level compartment partly enclosed by a bottom profile to form a convenient storage space.

Lots of free space = maximum versatility

The Syncro System racking installed in this infrastructure firm’s Transit leaves the bulkhead completely free (apart from two cable holders). Half of the left wall and the top section of the right wall are free too. These areas can be filled later on if needed, perhaps by adding lashing straps with sliding fittings. In fact, the customer is free to install whatever accessories he wants after the van is delivered.

Syncro system always has the right solution for your needs, and no two racking installations are ever exactly the same. Ask your nearest Syncro dealer for a no-obligation appointment and chat.

Syncro System racking saves you time and money and improves your professional image too!





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