A Transit with Syncro racking for a door and window fitter

Syncro’s fully customised Ford Transit racking system for a door and window installer

A well-equipped van is essential if you plan to work as a door and window fitter. The job requires a regular supply of equipment and parts as well as the transport of fragile, heavy and bulky doors and windows. With these needs in mind, one side of this Ford Transit has been fitted with racking and a leading role is played by vertical cargo bars. Let’s take a closer look.

Protecting and reinforcing the Transit’s bodywork

Effective bodywork liners are essential to protect your van’s interior against corrosion, which can start as a result of dents and scratches caused by falling cargo or impacts during the movement of heavy equipment.

The Ford Transit seen here has been fitted with a marble-look plywood floor liner from Syncro System. Syncro floor liners are the only ones on the market that come with stainless-steel anchor ring cups and edge profiles for greater mechanical strength and unrivalled corrosion resistance! The walls and the top section of the doors have been lined with tough, custom-made steel panels capable of withstanding accidental knocks.

A complete store for the fitter on one side of the Transit

The customer chose to position his tool and part store on the left of the van, leaving the right, where the side door is located, completely free. The racking is installed against the cab bulkhead, and is made up of:

  • two separate floor-level compartments, each fitted with hooks and lashing straps
  • four trays for metal cases and five metal drawers with internal space dividers and non-slip mats
  • four configurable shelves, with the same equipment as the drawers
  • three large, lightweight and easily accessible aluminium pockets on the rear-facing side panel

A custom-made table on the right of the Transit

Rather than more racking, the right of the fitter’s Transit has been equipped with a custom-made folding table. This practical work surface, made from robust marble-look plywood just like the floor liner, is secured to the wall lining panels by means of two pivoting brackets in galvanised steel.

When folded away, the table takes up virtually no room. When raised, it provides a robust and secure work surface.

Syncro cargo bars: totally safe transport

The secret of this Transit racking system lies in its Syncrostop cargo bars, a registered EU design. These accessories can be easily installed and removed as needed. The four aluminium cargo bars seen in the photos have Airline holes on their wide sides and engage simply and securely in Airline aluminium rails on the floor and roof. The milled Airline holes make these bars amazingly versatile: they can be positioned to divide the space inside the van into separate compartments as required. They can also be equipped with rings and straps to secure loads. The narrow sides of these bars are rubber coated to avoid scratching the cargo, an extremely important consideration in this van, which has to carry expensive doors and windows without damage during transport.

Are you a door and window fitter? Join the growing family of Syncro users and make the most of your van.

If you are a door and window fitter, the solution seen here should be enough to convince you that Syncro can design a fully customised racking system capable of getting 100% efficiency from your van.

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You can browse through racking solutions in various makes and models of van, all designed specifically for door and window fitters here. Everybody in the great family of Syncro users can find the perfect answer to their needs!

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