A comparison between two Ford Transit racking solutions

Can two racking solutions really make the same van look so different?

Yes! It’s not easy to describe in words the infinite number of ways in which Syncro System van racking can be configured. Photos are far more effective. On this page we present two almost identical Ford Transit vans (only the height is different, with one an L3H3 model and the other an L3H2), fitted out in completely different ways. The two owners work in very different fields and, inevitably, have their own special requirements. The owner of the L3H3 Transit on the left installs industrial systems for lifting, filtration and water potabilisation while the owner of the van on the right installs plasterboard ceilings and does painting and decorating work. Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s start with the liners: why they are needed and how to choose them

One requirement common to all vans is the need for liners, to protect the whole of the interior, just one or more parts or perhaps only the floor.

How do you choose what to protect? The ideal answer is to protect all the surfaces potentially exposed to wear, dents or spillages. Protecting only the floor is the minimum basic solution.

Why are liners needed? First of all because they stop accidental impacts by tools, cargo or equipment denting or scratching the vehicle’s original body panels, thereby preventing the ingress of humidity and the formation of rust. But that’s not the only reason. Liners can also be used to fix racking and accessories, leaving the original body free from holes. Finally, liners make the cargo compartment more attractive and easier to clean.

Aluminium chequer plate liners in particular really brighten up the interior of a van.

Transit L3H3. The floor liner is in marble-look plywood with stainless-steel cups and edge profiles; the wall panelling is in super-strong steel sheet.

Transit L3H2. The floor and bulkhead liners are in marble-look plywood while the walls, doors and roof are lined with steel panels. The owner of this van chose an almost complete set of bodywork liners to eliminate all doubt and keep the van’s interior free from damage indefinitely!

Left side: the Transit for industrial systems and the Transit for interior decorating

Transit L3H3. The left of the Transit for installing industrial systems is fully occupied by racking. The configuration consists of:

Transit L3H2. The left of this van is configured to meet the needs of the user. A narrow column of racking has been installed at the front of the cargo compartment, against the bulkhead. This consists of an open floor-level compartment, a plain shelf with a fully opening door, a tray with two metal cases and a patented retaining mechanism, and two configurable shelves. At the very top, a tray with an access door at the rear runs for the full length of the cargo compartment.

The remainder of this side is equipped to carry special tools and sections of plasterboard. Accessories include three lengths of Syncroblock bar, installed in parallel and fitted with adjustable, telescopic hooks and lashing straps. Two Syncrostop milled cargo bars are arranged vertically in Airline rails that run across the floor and roof. Syncrostop bars have soft polymer coatings on the narrow edges to avoid scratching delicate cargo and can be positioned as needed along the mounting rails. These products are quite unique on today’s market and are extremely functional and safe for transporting bulky cargo.

Two different solutions even on the right of the Transits

Transit L3H3: The right of this van is quite similar to the left, bearing in mind the presence of the side door and a few important additions. Here too we start with a floor-level compartment with a door, followed by eight metal drawers and three configurable shelves. At the top is a modular Multibox cabinet of 12 pull-out containers in clear PMMA, an exclusive Syncro design with a patented release and retaining mechanism. The racking on this side also incorporates a metal vice on a pull-out bench that occupies very little space when retracted and forms a robust work surface when extended.

Transit L3H2: The right of this vehicle is characterised by a series of shelves, including plain shelves with doors and configurable shelves with non-slip bottom mats.

Making full use of the Transit’s bulkhead

Transit L3H3. The racking column installed at the bulkhead helps satisfy the user’s need for a large number of separate containers to carry all the spare parts, tools, and sundry components needed for his installation and maintenance work. The configuration includes another four drawers and three shelves. What makes it special, however, is the custom-made frame at the bottom, with a slide that extends to form a work surface outside the van or to provide easy access to a compressor or generator.

Transit L3H2. This van is used for painting and decorating work, so its bulkhead has been equipped only with versatile, compact cargo retaining accessories. At the top are two adjustable hooks. The photo shows them carrying wooden stands that are held in place by hooks and lashing straps. At the bottom is a length of Airline rail with another set of attachments and straps.

Accessories: maximum functionality, minimum space

In addition to the accessories already listed, both these Ford Transits are also equipped with other items that greatly increase their functionality without occupying valuable space:

  • cleaning accessories: a handwash kit consisting of a dedicated holder, lashing strap and a water container with tap, and a paper roll holder can be found in both vans, in different positions thanks to versatility of Syncro racking
  • a bar rack with a metal flange and strap and a cable holder

Thanks to the presence of equally spaced holes, the side panels of Syncro racking can accommodate a large number of accessories that can even be added at a later date!

Do you know how you want to transform your own Transit? If not, we can help you decide.

A Syncro racking system is an investment that pays for itself by saving you time and money that you can invest in growing your business. Syncro offers you:

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