A racking system for painters and decorators in a Crafter L3H3

A mobile workshop for painters and decorators in a Crafter

Painters and decorators need a van racking system that is practical for carrying all the tools and equipment they use on a daily basis, and that leaves plenty of room for loading spares, all kinds of painting materials, and bulky items of cargo. The photos on this page illustrate a Volkswagen Crafter with a Syncro System racking solution for a firm of painters and decorators.

If a similar solution with racking and cargo bars would be practical for you too, carry on reading.

If you want to see other racking solutions for the VW Crafter, start here.

Here are other models of van used for similar purposes: a Talento for masonry finishers, a Master for a painting business.

A complete Syncro lining system in the Volkswagen Crafter

One of the key features of this Crafter solution is the complete lining system that covers the whole of the interior apart from the roof. The owners of this van made the right choice: protecting every inch of the walls and doors greatly extends a van’s life by preventing dents and scratches.

The floor is covered by a plywood liner with a rubber coating that provides excellent grip and is ideal for applications involving water and other liquids. The bulkhead is thoroughly protected by plywood lining panels with a marble-look finish. The van’s walls and doors are lined with steel panels, while the wheel arch liners are made from a combination of plywood for the sides and steel sheet for the tops.

One wall of racking for the painters and decorators’ Crafter

The right wall of this Crafter is fitted with a full-height racking configuration that runs for the entire length of the wall. There is also a top tray with an access door at the rear, which extends right up to the bulkhead, passing over the van’s side door. Let’s take a closer look.

The racking includes:

  • metal drawers in various sizes, all with automatic retaining mechanisms

  • transparent pull-out containers in which contents are easily visible

  • metal cases in pull-out trays, ideal for carrying small parts and tools

  • shelves with doors

  • a cabinet of sideways opening drawers at the van’s side door

  • a floor-level compartment with a bottom profile at the front

Syncro cargo bars in the Crafter

The left side wall, on the other hand, has been left completely free to provide space for carrying ladders, bins of paint and other bulky items. To allow the van to carry larger and heavier objects, Syncro has fitted milled cargo bars between rails in the floor and on the roof. Syncro cargo bars incorporate quick-release mechanisms. They can therefore be repositioned easily, to suit the needs of the van’s user. A rubber profile on the side stops the bars scratching the materials they support.

Cargo retaining accessories on the Crafter’s bulkhead

The firm of painters and decorators that commissioned this VW Crafter racking system asked for the bulkhead to be fully protected. As the photos clearly show, the marble-look liner panels leave very little of the original bulkhead visible.

Lining panels like these serve various purposes: they provide anchorage for cargo retaining accessories like the two slider bars fitted here (one with a lashing strap and sliding attachments and the other with movable, adjustable hooks); and they protect the bodywork against damage by heavy and bulky items of cargo.

Accessories in the Crafter

Such a complete racking system had to be complemented by a good choice of accessories! You can see these on the right side of the van. The racking side panel at the rear doors is fitted with a spray can rack and a paper roll holder. A pull-out vice bench is sandwiched between two modules of racking.

The right rear door is equipped with a hand-wash kit comprising a water tank with a tap and a soap dispenser, both mounted in dedicated holders.

If you would like a proposal for a customised racking solution for your own van, call us, fill in the contact form, or get in touch with your nearest Syncro System racking centre!





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