A custom racking solution in a plumber’s VW Crafter

The incredible transformation of an empty van into a workshop on wheels

The van seen in this photo gallery is a large, L4H3 variant of the Volkswagen Crafter, a great choice of vehicle with plenty of space for a customised racking solution capable of satisfying all user needs. The customer in this case is a company that specialises in domestic and industrial plumbing and air conditioning. The racking solution seen here includes a work bench for minor repairs and an abundance of storage for everything that could possibly be needed on site.

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The toughest liners on the market come from Syncro System

As is always the case in Syncro racking centres, the first step here was to fit robust interior liners. Without adequate protection, thin bodywork panels are always liable to cuts, dents and eventually to rust. The various surfaces of this VW Crafter have been treated in different ways by Syncro System.

  • The floor is protected by a two-layer, plywood and aluminium floor liner offering unrivalled strength, excellent grip, easy cleaning properties and a bright, attractive surface. All exposed plywood edges are enclosed by metal profiles to provide greater protection. Syncro is one of very few manufacturers to offer this important feature.
  • The walls and doors are covered by laser-cut steel panels, the toughest material available for this purpose and easily capable of resisting impacts in the event of harsh braking or steering manoeuvres.
  • The bulkhead is protected by marble-look plywood panelling, cut and shaped to follow the contours of the body at the back of the cab.

A whole wall of functional storage in this plumber’s Volkswagen Crafter

The left of this VW Crafter serves as storage for tools and as a work area for minor jobs. Syncro’s patented fold-away vice bench with exclusive opening and closing mechanism adds functionality to the van by providing a practical work surface. The rest of the wall is fully equipped, with two floor-level compartments with lift-up doors and an open compartment with a lashing strap for tool case transport, five shelves with top-pivot doors and the same number of open configurable shelves with space dividers and non-slip mats, and two rows of Multibox tilting and pull-out transparent containers, a patented product that stands out for its flush design and automatic latch mechanism. At the very top, the racking is completed by a full-length top tray for carrying particularly long objects.

Your company’s stores in a van? It’s possible with Syncro containers

The racking on the right of this plumber’s Crafter stands out for one of the characteristics most commonly requested in van racking systems:

  • compactness.
  • The entire wall is equipped with small and medium-size containers for spares, fasteners and accessories.
  • The racking even follows the contours of the van’s body, with elements becoming shallower under the roof.

Two types of container are found on this wall. First come Syncro’s patented removable containers in blue plastic, 58 of which are securely installed on shelves with dedicated frames. These containers are simple to remove and come with a holder at the front for labels to list their contents (downloadable free of charge here). Also on this side are 26 transparent containers, some tilting, some pull-out.

Using every inch of the Crafter

Ladders are among the items of equipment most frequently needed in the plumbing and air conditioning trade. Unfortunately, they tend to take up a lot of space in the back of a van. You can, of course, ask Syncro to install a ladder slide on your van’s roof, but if you prefer to keep your ladder out of the rain and away from prying eyes, Syncro System has another solution: an under-roof ladder rack that fixes to the ceiling of your van and leaves the floor completely free. This accessory consists of two brackets with lashing straps, one at the front and one at the rear of the cargo compartment, and a shuttle with an automatic travel stop and adjustable extension.

Cargo carrying accessories: functionality and space saving

A well-equipped Crafter like this could not do without a selection of cargo carrying accessories – a super-functional category of products that are extremely popular with customers. This Crafter is fitted with:

  • two spray can racks on the left racking
  • two lengths of Syncroblock bar on the bulkhead, the bottom section fitted with lashing straps and sliding attachments, the upper section with three extremely versatile adjustable, telescopic hooks.

Don’t miss this chance to maximise your potential!

Syncro System is constantly finding ways to make life easier for customers. And every new idea is translated into personalised racking systems that satisfy real customer needs. A growing number of tradesmen and professionals are joining the Syncro community every day, relying on our nearly thirty years of experience in van racking to inject new life into their own businesses. So, don’t miss out. Join the family!





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