Special equipment in a VW Crafter

Want to see a special van racking solution? Here’s one!

Every van that Syncro System fits out is unique because every racking system is designed and made to suit the needs of the customer. But special racking solutions are even more unique as they cater for special requests and satisfy highly specific – sometimes very unusual – requirements in a rational and elegant way. These solutions are designed to ensure a 100% functional mobile workshop. The special conversion seen on this page is installed in a Volkswagen Crafter. It features a super-robust work bench and includes all the equipment and accessories needed to make the van fully autonomous. Let’s take a closer look.

A good start is half the battle: bodywork protection

All good van conversions, whether special or simple, start in the same way: with the installation of bodywork protection. Proper liners are essential if you want to keep your van in good condition for years to come. They also provide secure anchorage for racking and accessories. This Crafter is fitted with:

  • a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface and protective, non-slip metal edges
  • painted steel panelling on the doors and walls

Protection of this kind costs is quick and cheap to install, but greatly extends the working life of your van and makes its interior more attractive and easier to clean.

The left of the Crafter: the perfect van workshop

The left of this VW Crafter is laid out as a work area, with a large bench in marble-look plywood and a rotating metal vice. The bench is illuminated by an LED light bar fixed to the underside of the full-length top tray. A multi-socket and power switch have been fitted to the side panel forward of the bench. Under the worktop are eight metal drawers and a floor-level compartment with a door that opens upwards parallel to the front of the racking. The column nearest the bulkhead provides a set of shelves. The van’s inverter is installed on the bottom open shelf. The others are all configurable shelves with non-slip mats and the option of fitting dividers in various positions. The floor at the bottom of this column is equipped with two holders for jerry cans that can be used to carry fuel or lubricants and a battery compartment made from plywood panels cut to size. The batteries in this compartment can be recharged via an external socket in the van’s side wall.

The right of the Crafter: the mobile storage area

A well-equipped van like this must have its own storage area for tools, equipment and materials of all sorts. The necessary capacity is provided here by a series of enclosed compartments and by three configurable shelves at the top. This column of racking is complemented by a fold-away vice bench complete with a metal vice. The bench folds out in a few simple moves and comes with a robust support that extends to the ground behind the van and provides a stable work surface, complementing the bench on the left of the vehicle. The forward facing side panel of this column is equipped with a paper roll holder and a fire extinguisher bracket.

The bulkhead: autonomy and extra storage space

At the van’s bulkhead is a powerful compressor-generator combo connected to the cable and hose reels installed on the rearward facing side panel of the left racking. The remainder of the bulkhead is occupied by a cabinet of 24 pull-out transparent containers, the perfect way to carry sundries, small spares and other small consumables. PMMA containers are extremely practical because contents are clearly visible at all times, meaning that no time is wasted as the result of failing to find or running out of important parts.

Additional accessories for exceptional functionality

The equipment in this Crafter is made extra-special by the accessories described below.

  • 1. A multi-function LED light bar on the roof: this can be used to signal the presence of the van through 360°, as supplementary direction indicators or as a work light, among other functions. Its control unit is installed in the cab alongside the dashboard so that the various functions can be selected without having to exit the vehicle.
  • 2. Interior illumination is provided by a number of LED light bars fitted to the underside of the roof.
  • 3. The left rear door is fitted with two accessories that permit the operator to clean hands and tools in the absence of a mains water supply. These are a liquid soap dispenser and a water tank with tap, both with their own holders.
  • 4. A spray can rack and a cable holder complete the list of accessories for cargo retaining accessories that ensure order inside the van.

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Look here if you want to view other special equipment solutions installed by Syncro System racking centres. This page is constantly updated with new installations!

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