A Volkswagen Crafter for a machine tool service

A Crafter with racking for servicing machine tools

Providing technical assistance at home, on site, or at customers’ works is far easier and more efficient if you have a properly equipped van! On this page we can see a Volkswagen Crafter fitted with Syncro System’s new Ultra racking for a customer who services and repairs sheet metal cutting machines. These large and heavy machines need regular servicing, a well-equipped workshop and skilled service engineers to keep them running efficiently.

The requests presented by the Crafter’s owner

Given the specialist nature of the machines involved, bulky parts have to be transported back to the workshop for repair or replacement and a large quantity of small spares has to be kept on board for minor repairs that can be completed on site. The customer therefore presented Syncro System with the following requests:

  • Lots of storage containers, with contents clearly visible whenever possible, and the strength and security to keep everything in place during transit;
  • Plenty of free floor space for carrying large spares or equipment;
  • Reliable cargo retaining systems.

Syncro’s solution: metal drawers and transparent plastic containers

Each of the customer’s requests was answered by a specific type of racking.

  • 1. Transparent containers. The entire right side wall of the Crafter was fitted with cabinets of large and small transparent containers, some tilting, others of the pull-out kind. A total of 40 containers were provided, but the number of compartments can be increased further by fitting dividers. This is the perfect solution for carrying small components and spare parts in a way that keeps them all separate and clearly visible and prevents items being thrown out even in the event of an accident. Each container has its own automatic locking mechanism with a simple push-to-release button. The cabinet structure is very limited in depth and the clear plastic from which the containers are made makes it easy to find items and replenish stock as needed!
  • 2.Metal drawers. Transparent containers are ideal for carrying small spares but metal drawers are far better for storing tools and the sort of equipment you want to keep away from prying eyes.
  • 3. All remaining items can be carried on open shelves or in practical Euronorm containers held in place by special guides and adapters.
  • 4. A full-length top tray was provided for carrying long items. These can be loaded and removed through a folding access door (complete with lever to keep it closed) at the rear.

Other compartments and case storage

This VW Crafter owned by a machinery service company is certainly not short on storage compartments. In addition to the drawers and shelves, even the spaces around the wheel arches have been turned into effective storage for cargo and equipment by enclosing them with part-height, fold-down doors. Near the bulkhead, a case storage compartment has been provided, complete with retaining straps to carry tool cases of all makes and sizes.

Plenty of free floor space… with added security

The need to carry bulky cargo on the floor is generally complemented by the need to ensure safety on the road. Cargo must be prevented from sliding around when the van is moving or it can easily become a hazard to the driver and other road users. On top of that, moving cargo can easily cause damage to itself, the racking and the van’s bodywork. With this in mind Syncro has done two things:
  • Install protective floor and wall liners;
  • Fit cargo retaining systems to the van’s bulkhead. Two bar and strap systems can be used separately or together to secure loads of all sizes.

A special solution: a fold-away table

A table always comes in handy when you have to provide technical assistance on the move. To avoid taking up valuable floor space, the Syncro team fitted this Crafter with a compact, fold-away table on the bulkhead. This leaves the entire floor free for cargo. Above the table is a paper roll holder, an extremely popular accessory among technicians who work away from base for its great practicality and versatility.





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