Crafter for a civil and industrial utility system business

A VW Crafter for a civil and industrial utility business

In a large van like this Volkswagen Crafter, you can install an almost infinite variety of racking configurations. The objective of the Syncro team, however, is always the same: to satisfy the customer as thoroughly as possible. The owner of this van works with heating, plumbing, electrical and gas systems. The van has racking on both sides, along with a number of useful accessories and a roof rack with a ladder slide.

Syncro’s complete lining system for the VW Crafter

First of all…the interior liners! This Crafter is thoroughly protected against wear, damage and damp. It boasts a floor liner in marble-look plywood and painted steel panels on the walls and doors, all custom shaped and pre-drilled for this model of van.

The Crafter’s generous set of shelves

The left of this Crafter features a racking configuration consisting of two floor-level compartments, one with a full-access, lift-and-rotate door and the other with a bar, strap and sliding fittings for use as a case compartment. Above these are six configurable shelves and four shelves with adapters for removable plastic containers. At the top is a full-length tray with a fold-down door at the rear.

Drawers and transparent containers on the right of the Crafter

The right of the utility firm’s Crafter has been transformed into a high-capacity storage area, with containers for all purposes. Above the floor-level compartment with a door are eight metal drawers, another configurable shelf, then a shelf with removable plastic containers, a cabinet of pull-out transparent plastic containers and, at the top, a set of tilting transparent containers. The racking on this side is complemented by a fold-away bench with a metal vice that descends into position outside the van.

Cargo retaining accessories in the Crafter

This Crafter for installing utility systems also boasts a number of cargo retaining accessories:

  • The left rear door is fitted with two slider bars, one at the top and another at the bottom. These are fitted with movable telescopic hooks (top) and an adjustable strap (bottom). This combination is ideal for carrying the van’s folding ladder in complete safety.
  • Two cable holders are fitted to the rearward side panel of the left racking.
  • The corresponding side panel of the right racking is fitted with a silicone cartridge rack with holes for nozzles and a spray can rack behind the vice bench.
  • The van’s bulkhead is equipped with another bar with straps and quick-release attachments to allow loads of all kinds to be secured quickly and easily.
  • A section of metal rail on the forward-facing side panel of the right racking also provides cargo retaining functionality thanks to a strap that can be adjusted to hold in place objects of different size.

The Crafter’s other accessories

To illuminate the Crafter’s interior evenly, Syncro System installed a set of energy-efficient LED ceiling lights on the underside of the roof. There is also a paper roll holder at the side door for wiping hands and tools when needed.

The Crafter’s roof rack system

Not enough room in your van? Need to carry things that are too big or awkward to fit in the back? The answer to your problem is to install a Syncro System roof rack. This Crafter has been fitted with a roof rack complete with a rear loading roller, side fences, and a gas spring assisted ladder slide. The key feature of Syncro roof racks is the patented Ultrasilent profile under the first cross bar, which dramatically reduces noise and vibration when the van is travelling.

Need to transform your own VW Crafter? Ask Syncro System for a custom solution for your needs!

If you would like a racking solution like that illustrated in these photos, get in touch with us and show us this page! If you want to see other racking solutions for the Crafter, consult this page.

Call or write now to get an obligation-free quote for a fully customised racking system for you and your van!





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