VW Crafters for servicing overhead platforms and forklifts

Two VW Crafter L3H3 vans, both with unique Syncro racking solutions

Every customer is unique, so every racking system has to be unique too. Luckily, Syncro racking centres have all the experience needed to devise the perfect custom solution, whatever your needs. On this page, we look at two identical vans, both VW Crafter L3H3 models, with racking systems for companies that actually do similar work: installing and servicing industrial movement systems, particularly overhead platforms and forklift trucks.

Though the applications are similar and the vans identical, the chosen racking systems are radically different.

Bodywork liners for the Crafter: aluminium or plywood?

The first decision that both customers had to make, even before the racking was installed, was how to line the interiors of their Crafters. Knowing that proper liners play an essential role in protecting bodywork against dents and humidity, Syncro System offers a range liners in different materials.

In the Crafter on the left, the floor liner and the panels on the bottom sections of the doors are made from aluminium chequer plate, an annealed alloy of 2 mm in thickness with a relief surface pattern. This material gives excellent grip and low weight. The panels on the walls and the tops of the doors are made from galvanised and painted steel sheet, a material that boasts excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. The Crafter on the right is fitted with a marble-look plywood liner. This type of liner is made from layers of birch wood bonded together with phenolic adhesives to produce a material that does not absorb humidity, is light in weight and is beautifully easy to clean. In this case, only the bottom halves of the doors have been lined with impact-resistant steel panels.

The left of the van: dedicated to storage

In both these Crafter L3H3 vans for servicing movement systems, the left side is designed as a mobile warehouse for all the tools and materials needed on site. The choice and arrangement of racking elements, however, is quite different.

The Crafter on the left: this racking system consists of a floor-level compartment with a door, eight metal drawers, shelves (four open and one closed), two cabinets of tilting transparent containers of different depth, a secure locker and a full-length top tray.

The Crafter on the right: this racking configuration comprises a floor-level compartment with a door, eight metal drawers, four enclosed shelves, two shelves of removable plastic containers, a cabinet of Multibox transparent containers, and two trays for Galaxy plastic cases.

In both vans, the floor-level compartment nearest the bulkhead is dedicated to the transport of jerry cans. In one case the cans are carried in a stainless-steel tray, in the other in special jerry can holders. The sealed tray solution has the advantage that any liquid spillages are contained within the tray and prevented from spreading. These trays are also easy to remove for draining and cleaning whenever needed.

The right side: more storage plus a work area

While the left sides of both Crafters were dedicated entirely to storage, the right sides serve as additional storage and as work areas. Both vans are fitted with fold-away vice benches, complete with integrated telescopic supports and patented folding mechanisms. In open position, these benches form a stable work surface for minor maintenance tasks, and are fitted with metal vices for this purpose.

In the Crafter on the left, the vice bench provides the van’s only work surface. The rest of the wall is occupied by 12 metal drawers, a large shelf and two cabinets of Syncro’s transparent containers, arranged one above the other. The bottom is a Multibox cabinet with pull-out containers. The top one provides tilting containers. Thanks to the different depths of these cabinets, the full height of the van has been exploited, right up to the roof.

The Crafter on the right. In this van, the entire wall is configured as a work area. A work top in marble-look plywood with raised back and sides is supported by a set of eight drawers, themselves standing on an enclosed floor-level compartment. The area of wall directly above the workbench is lined with a large perforated panel that can also serve as a tool rack.

Cargo retaining systems and other accessories in the Crafters

Both these Crafter L3H3 vans are equipped with cleaning accessories installed on the left racking side panel and left rear door. The one van has a soap dispenser in its own holder and a paper roll holder; the other a handwash kit with water tank, soap dispenser, paper roll holder and a tub of Scrubs dry wipes.

The bulkheads of both vans are equipped with cargo retaining accessories. The first van has a rail and lashing strap for heavy loads, the second a universal Syncroblock bar with lashing strap and hooks. Inside, both Crafters are illuminated by the same low-consumption LED ceiling lights that give excellent light for working in the best possible conditions.

Similar needs but different solutions: discover the world of Syncro System!

You can find plenty of other racking solutions for the Crafter here.

Or start here to browse racking solutions designed specifically with maintenance engineers in mind.

This flexibility is only possible thanks to the thirty years of experience that Syncro has accumulated in van racking. After listening to the needs of over 90,000 van users and installing practical, versatile racking systems all over the world, Syncro can respond rapidly to the needs of any customer with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Discover the advantages of Syncro racking and save time and money with your own van workshop!





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