A VW Crafter for a building firm

If you are looking for a truly unique racking solution for your own van, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s an example.

A custom racking solution can transform any van. It’s what Syncro does every day. First we listen carefully to your needs, then we combine Syncro racking and accessories to give you a 100% functional mobile workshop.

This page illustrates and describes a Syncro racking solution installed in a Volkswagen Crafter L3H2 owned by a building firm. The design of this solution was dictated by two main requirements: the need to keep tools and materials in perfect order and the need for plenty of free floor space for additional cargo. Mission accomplished! Let’s see how.

Before we start: protecting the bodywork

All new vans leave the factory with little or no interior protection against dents, scratches and damp. One of Syncro System’s missions is to ensure that your van’s interior is adequately lined and protected against damage that would otherwise dramatically reduce its value and working life. This particular VW Crafter is fitted with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look resin surface. Syncro liners are the only ones fitted with stainless-steel protective profiles on all exposed edges for greater strength and corrosion resistance. The doors and walls are lined with custom-made, laser-cut and pre-drilled panels made from steel sheet.

The right combination of racking makes your van so much easier to work in

Being able to store and quickly find all your tools, equipment and materials saves you time and money better spent on work and investments.

This is how the left of this builders’ Crafter is configured:

  • The floor-level compartment over the wheel arch is fitted with a lashing strap and hooks.
  • Above this are three configurable shelves with non-slip mats and internal space dividers. Two of these extend for the full width of the racking while the third is smaller and shares the space with two metal drawers with automatic retaining mechanisms.
  • At the top is a Multibox cabinet of 24 pull-out transparent plastic containers – Syncro’s patented modular container system with perfectly flat fronts and automatic latches.

Space-saving metal pockets: more space, more order

The solution adopted by Syncro for the right side of this Volkswagen Crafter is proof that every Syncro racking system is unique. It consists of metal pockets, arranged to form three rows, one above the other. All pockets are of the same size except the one nearest the rear in the bottom row, which is slightly lower.

Containers of this type are normally installed as accessories on racking side panels or doors. Arranged like this they demonstrate the flexibility of Syncro and our thirty years of experience in the design and installation of racking.

The key feature of this solution lies in the tremendous space saving it achieves. Because the pockets extend no further into the van than the wheel arch, they leave the floor on this side completely free. Despite this, they provide ample storage capacity and are quick and easy to use.

Safe transport thanks to the Syncroblock system

Syncro System is the only company to offer a vast range of cargo accessories, all compatible with Syncroblock bar, which can be installed either on the racking or on the van’s bodywork. This Crafter has been equipped with three sections of Syncroblock bar, two on the bulkhead and a third on the left side wall. All these bars are fitted with lashing straps and hooks. A cable holder has also been added at the top of the bulkhead.

Other accessories: something for every need in the Syncro catalogue

In addition to cargo retaining accessories, Syncro also supplies lighting accessories like the LED ceiling lights installed on the roof of this Crafter, cleaning accessories like the handwash kit with water tank, holder and soap dispenser on one of the rear doors, cargo compartment ventilation accessories, security accessories and more besides.

Still have doubts about how to fit out your van?

If you want to view more racking solutions, take a look here for photo galleries of the Crafter or here for solutions specifically designed for building firms.

Syncro offers you:

  • nearly 30 years of specialist experience in van racking
  • no-obligation advice and consulting from our racking experts
  • a catalogue of over 36,000 products, including many patented and exclusive ideas
  • an opportunity to work more efficiently, saving time and money in the process
  • the confidence that comes from choosing a company with a customer satisfaction rating of over 98%

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!





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