A Volkswagen Crafter for a plumber

A Volkswagen Crafter racking solution for a plumber

This page describes how we converted a plumber’s Crafter L3H3 into a great mobile workshop. The van’s owner asked us to come up with a racking system capable of satisfying various needs simultaneously. He needed plenty of open and enclosed compartments for storing parts and materials. He needed to transport tool and component cases safely. And he needed a range of accessories for cleaning and securing cargo to improve the van’s functionality, along with systems capable of ensuring autonomy on the move.

The Crafter’s complete lining system

The first job that Syncro System did in this Crafter was to install protective liners. The customer opted for an almost complete lining system. The floor is covered by a plywood liner with a marble-look surface. The same material was chosen to protect the bulkhead. The walls and doors, on the other hand, are lined with painted steel panels. All Syncro van liners come cut to size to fit the model in question and are pre-drilled too. This means that installation is both quick and accurate and that the finished job is functional and stylish.

Shelves and accessories on the left of the Crafter

The racking in the left of this Crafter consists of:

  • a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door
  • a series of configurable shelves with non-slip mats and space dividers
  • four open shelves with adapters for cases
  • a full-length top tray with a door at the rear
  • a shuttle-type case compartment at floor level
  • a series of accessories fixed to the racking’s rearward side panel: a bar rack with push-in clips, a holder for Scrubs dry wipes, a paper roll holder and a first aid kit

Drawers and cases on the right of the Crafter

The storage on the right of the van is almost entirely enclosed and destined for use with small parts, tools and spares. The only open space is provided by a shelf at the top. The configuration starts off at floor level with an enclosed compartment identical to that on the opposite side of the van. Further up is a series of six drawers with a column of metal case trays alongside. At the top is a cabinet containing tilting transparent containers. The racking’s forward side panel is equipped with another cabinet of small, tilting transparent containers and a bracket for a fire extinguisher. There are plenty of accessories and clever ideas on this side of the van too: two spray can racks, a silicone cartridge rack with holes for the nozzles, and a fold-away bench with a steel vice. This occupies very little space when folded away but opens out in a few seconds to form a stable work surface with a robust support.

Cargo retaining systems on the Crafter’s bulkhead

On the bulkhead are a number of cargo retaining systems, including three bars with sliding fittings that can be used with a range of accessories (metal hooks, lashing straps, movable telescopic hooks, etc.) and cable holders at the top.

Special equipment in the plumber’s Crafter

One of the customer’s objectives was to be able to use his compressed air powered tools wherever he goes. With this in mind, Syncro installed a 12 V, 225 l/min compressor and a 600 W inverter connected to the van’s battery in a suitably sized compartment on the left wall. A multi-socket near the van’s side door allows electrical power tools to be used outside the vehicle.

Another accessory worth noting in this Crafter is the set of aluminium rails with milled holes for cargo bars, fixed to the floor and roof of the vehicle. These allow vertical bars to be installed to transport bulky but fragile materials inside the van. Syncro’s cargo bar system significantly reduces the risk of damage due to falling or impact during transport. Finally, bright lighting is essential if you are to work safely and efficiently inside your van. Syncro installed three compact but powerful and pleasantly diffused LED lights under the roof of this Crafter.

Are you a plumber? Do you own a Crafter? Are you thinking about getting it fitted out?

If you like the look of the racking system on this page, book an obligation-free appointment at a Syncro System installation centre and present this as the basis for your own customised solution. If you would like to see other racking solutions for the Volkswagen Crafter, start on this page.

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