A VW Crafter for automatic cleaning machines

A VW Crafter with racking for an industrial cleaning machine business

The photos on this page are of a large van, a Volkswagen Crafter, that Syncro System fitted out for a firm that supplies, services and repairs automatic cleaning machines for factories, shops and offices. The customer asked us to transform this van into a fully autonomous mobile workshop capable of handling all kinds of job.

Custom liners for the Volkswagen Crafter

Since this Crafter has to carry bulky and heavy equipment on a regular basis, particularly robust liners were needed to protect the interior. The floor is therefore covered by a plywood floor liner with a marble-look finish and protective metal edges. The middle section of the bulkhead is protected by the same material. The walls and the bottoms of the doors are lined with painted steel panels.

The left of the Crafter: a sealed, stainless-steel tray, accessories and a compressor

Racking covers the entire left wall of this Crafter. The setup includes:

  • two floor-level areas, fitted with full-access doors to create distinct compartments and turn the awkward space around the wheel arch into useful storage
  • a sealed, stainless-steel tray for transporting jerry cans with no risk of leakage in the event of spillage or dripping; the tray can also be removed for cleaning simply by unscrewing the front panel
  • two large metal drawers for keeping tools and materials in perfect order, with non-slip mats and metal partitions for creating separate internal compartments
  • a number of configurable shelves for carrying tools, accessories, and small-to-medium size items of equipment
  • three case trays for metal tool or component cases
  • an extra-long top tray with a door at the rear and access along its entire length for transporting long objects, pipes and fittings

Accessories and special solutions on the left wall

The left wall also features a custom-made shelf that is specially designed to carry dispensers of oil or other liquids. The front of this shelf has been specially shaped to allow the taps to protrude enough for easy use. The racking’s rearward-facing side panel is fitted with three accessories: two large metal boxes, divided vertically into two compartments each and a bar with straps and sliding attachments at the bottom.

The Crafter’s bulkhead: highly functional thanks to Syncro accessories

Behind the cab, the left side racking merges with the bulkhead to form the “work area” of this Crafter for automatic cleaning machines. The racking ends in two compartments. The bottom one, with a metal bar across it halfway up, houses a compact oilless compressor capable of delivering 330 litres of air a minute. Compressed air is supplied to a hose reel at the van’s side door, mounted on the right-side racking. This allows pneumatic power tools to be used even outside the van. The bulkhead itself is fitted with a rail and lashing strap to secure large cleaning machines, a bar with four movable telescopic hooks and an industrial power socket with switch.

The right of the Crafter: ample storage in transparent plastic containers

The racking on the right wall is particularly shallow, and even more so at the top where the van’s walls slope in. The various elements have been carefully chosen to follow the contours of the Crafter’s bodywork At floor level we have a compartment enclosed by a lift-up door, but the rest of the racking consists entirely of transparent containers. The 48 small ones at the bottom and the 12 larger ones further up feature a pull-out design, while the 6 large and 24 medium-size ones at the top are all tilting containers with internal partitions.

The Crafter’s loading ramp

To make loading and moving heavy cleaning machines safer and easier, this Crafter is also fitted with a loading ramp. The ramp in question is made from steel and aluminium and can support particularly heavy loads. It is designed to be installed permanently in the van but is easy to fold away for travel and safe and easy to use.

Do you need to convert your van into a mobile workshop?

If you have ordered or already own a Volkswagen Crafter, don’t wait! A fully customised Syncro System racking solution can transform it into the perfect mobile workshop, giving you a far more professional image and making your work that much safer and more efficient! Want to see other Crafter racking systems? Browse these interesting photo galleries.

If you work with automatic, industrial cleaning machines but don’t own a Crafter, you can still find plenty of ideas on our website. Syncro has also fitted out a Caddy and a Ducato for the same purposes.

Contact your nearest Syncro System dealer for an appointment or obligation-free advice. And remember… every Syncro racking system is fully customised!





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