A VW Crafter with a racking system for a plasterboard firm

Syncro System racking in a VW Crafter

Tradesmen that put the finishing touches to civil and industrial buildings are inevitably van owners. To do their job, they require a vehicle capable of carrying all the materials they need for the day ahead in order not to waste time shuttling between their stores and the work site. The photos on this page refer to a Volkswagen Crafter that Syncro fitted out for a small firm that puts up plasterboard partitions, false ceilings and wall coverings and also does plastering, painting, thermal and acoustic insulation and waterproofing courses. The racking is concentrated along the left of the van while the right side is fitted only with cargo retaining accessories. This leaves the centre of the van and the bulkhead completely free.

Custom liners for the Volkswagen Crafter

If you work with plasterboard or building finishes of any other kind you know the problem: most of the materials you need to load into your van are bulky, heavy, and either dusty or leaky… This means that at least the floor of your van must be properly protected to avoid the sort of damage cargos of this kind can cause.

This Crafter is fitted with a plywood floor liner with a rubber-coated finish. This material was chosen to suit the intended use of the van, as it provides an extremely effective non-slip surface even when wet. The van’s walls and doors are protected against dents and scratches by made-to-measure, painted steel panels.

A custom racking system for a plasterboard business on the left of the van

The racking in this plasterboard firm’s Crafter is concentrated along the left of the van and is characterised by an unusual difference in depth. The two compartments at the bottom are only 260 mm deep while the racking above, consisting of a series of shelves, takes up 360 mm. This original configuration is of great value to the van’s owners as it allows them to carry pallets of plasterboard. This original solution is only possible thanks to the amazing flexibility of the Syncro Ultra racking system, which permits racking elements to be combined and arranged in any order.

The bottom of the Crafter’s racking system: open and partly enclosed compartments

The racking on the left of this Crafter starts with two floor-level compartments. The one over the wheel arch is partly enclosed by a door that opens to provide full access, while the other is equipped with a system of hooks and straps that allows all sorts of cargo to be secured inside.

The top section of the Crafter’s racking: plenty of shelves for material

Moving up through the column of racking on the left of the van, we find a total of ten shelves arranged in pairs. Each shelf is fitted with a washable non-slip mat and can be divided into separate sections using the dividers provided. Raised panels at the back of these shelves increase carrying capacity and stop small items falling down behind the racking.

Van accessories in the Crafter

This Crafter, owned, as we have said, by a plasterboard firm, is equipped with:

  • cleaning accessories: a paper roll holder on the rearmost side panel, for cleaning and drying hands and tools
  • lighting accessories: a set of LED ceiling lights to provide effective interior illumination
  • cargo retaining accessories: two bars on the left wall, arranged in parallel and equipped with four movable and adjustable hooks for carrying objects of different shape, size and bulk

Do you like this racking solution? Or do you want to see more ideas?

If a racking system of this kind could serve your purposes, show it to the Syncro racking team as an example when you come in for a chat.

If, instead, you want to see other racking solutions for the Crafter, take a look here.

Alternatively, you can browse through photos of other vans operated by wall finishing, refurbishing and painting businesses: Talento, Master1, Master2, Crafter1, Crafter2.

Don’t wait! Get in touch now! A customised Syncro System racking solution can save you time and money and help you work more efficiently.





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