A Volkswagen Crafter for a security equipment company

A fully customised racking solution in a VW Crafter for a company that makes safety, security and fire prevention equipment

Every business has its own special needs and the expert personnel at Syncro System dealers understand this perfectly. That is why each customer gets a fully customised racking system with exactly the right storage options to satisfy his needs. The photos on this page show a Volkswagen Crafter owned by a firm that produces and installs safety, security and firefighting equipment and clothing.

The solution includes racking on both sides of the van plus a number of essential accessories.

Bodywork protection for the Crafter: an essential first step

Your van will remain in tip-top condition for years to come with a good set of interior liners. Syncro System has no doubts about this and always recommends that you install adequate protection for the thin body panels of the cargo compartment. Our catalogue contains a wide range of lightweight but tough liners.

The owners of this Crafter chose the most basic level of protection: a plywood floor liner with a marble-look resin surface. This liner not only protects the floor beneath against scratches, dents and liquid spillages but also provides a strong and perfectly flat, walkable surface that resists wear, impact and damp. Syncro can also supply lining panels for your van’s doors and walls, wheel arches, bulkhead and roof. Floor and bulkhead liners come in a choice of plywood (with a marble-look resin or high-grip rubber-coated surface) or aluminium tread plate. There is even a super-tough double-layer option. Doors and walls can be lined either with steel panels for maximum impact resistance, aluminium or honeycomb plastic.

Ample storage on the left of the Volkswagen Crafter

The left side of this Crafter for installing security equipment is laid out as storage for all the medium and large tools and equipment needed to work on site. The configuration includes:

  • a floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door that turns the awkward space around the wheel arch into practical storage
  • a second floor-level compartment with a lashing strap and hooks
  • two case trays containing a total of four metal tool cases – the best-selling product in the Syncro range

Other favourites from the Syncro catalogue on this side of the van are:

  • four metal drawers with non-slip mats and space dividers
  • six configurable shelves, also with non-slip mats and space dividers, and complete with raised rear panels to stop contents falling down behind
  • a full-length top tray with an access door at the rear

Syncro’s patented transparent containers on the right of the Crafter

The racking on the right of the van is particularly compact. The ability to maximise space in the middle of the floor is one of the key characteristics of Syncro’s unique racking system. Modular design, freely combinable elements, and the availability of different heights, widths and depths allows the system to adapt to the contours of any van and to the needs of all customers.

The cabinets on this side of the van contain a total of 20 small transparent containers of the pull-out type and another 10 larger ones of the tilting type with central space dividers. The result is a large number of compartments for hardware and spares of all shapes and sizes!

Accessories in the Crafter for installing security equipment

Cargo retaining accessories play an important role in this racking solution. The bulkhead, for example, has been fitted with a practical combination of Syncroblock bar and two lashing straps with hooks. These exclusive Syncro accessories offer both security and maximum versatility in the transport of goods and materials.

On the left side racking, near the rear doors, we can see a first aid kit, a metal storage pocket, a spray can rack and a paper roll holder.

A holder with a tub of Scrubs wipes has been installed on the racking on the opposite side.

Are you looking for a racking system that will boost your efficiency and improve your image?

Every Syncro System racking solution is fully customised but if you would like to see some other racking systems in the Volkswagen Crafter, start looking here.

If you are particularly interested in solutions for firms in the safety/security/fire prevention sector, take a look at: A VW Caddy for installing security systems - A Mercedes Vito for a fire prevention firm - A special racking system for servicing fire extinguishers 

If any details of these racking solutions strike you as useful for your own business, call or mail Syncro System now to arrange a consultation with our specialist technical personnel.





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