A practical VW Crafter kombi prepared by Syncro System

A Syncro racking solution in an interior finishing firm’s Crafter

A van is an essential investment for any interior finishing business. On top of this, the vehicle must also be spacious and well equipped in order to carry all the tools and materials necessary for the job. The customer who commissioned Syncro System to install the racking solution seen here in his Volkswagen Crafter L3H2 kombi plasters interior walls, lays wood flooring, and does indoor and outdoor painting and decorating. He also supplies raw materials, semi-finished and finished products for the building industry.

His priorities? Plenty of open storage for keeping materials tidy, and plenty of free space for carrying bulky cargo and for easy movement inside the van.

Special features? Identical racking configurations on all three walls of the van.

A lining system to protect the Crafter’s bodywork

If a van is going to be used daily to load and unload buckets of paint, equipment and tools, it’s important to think about protecting it before going on the road and risking damage to the bodywork. The job is a simple one: fitting liners over the exposed surfaces is all it takes to significantly extend your vehicle’s life. It doesn’t cost much, your van is only off the road for a very short time, and effective protection is guaranteed!

In this VW Crafter, the floor is covered with a birch plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface. The doors and walls are protected by pre-shaped and pre-drilled panels made from steel sheet. This is the strongest lining material on the market and easily capable of preventing damage even from serious impacts. It is also one of Syncro System’s best selling liner materials.

Shelves, shelves and more shelves: keeping everything tidy in the Crafter

As already mentioned, the racking configurations installed on the three walls of this Crafter (the two sides and the bulkhead) are virtually identical. Each racking configuration consists of two Syncro Ultra side panels with equally-spaced holes and a series of shelves. At the bottom we have an open shelf installed with its flanges facing down, accessoried with a lashing strap with hooks attached to the side panels. Further up we have three configurable shelves with non-slip mats. These can all be equipped with metal space dividers to form separate compartments and avoid mixing different items of cargo. The only difference between the three columns lies in the fact that the one at the bulkhead behind the cab does not have a narrower side panel at the top. This little detail shows how easily Syncro racking can be made to follow the contours of your van’s bodywork.

What does total customisation really mean?

Syncro’s unrivalled experience in van racking ensures total customisation. This means:

  • Any special request can be satisfied.
  • No two Syncro System racking solutions are exactly the same – unless a customer orders two identical vans.
  • There is nothing that cannot be done… just different ways of doing it.
  • All elements of Syncro Ultra racking can be combined in any way, with no restrictions on positioning.
  • Accessories fit easily on the racking, allowing customers to move and add items as needed.

If you want to maximise the potential of your business, Syncro System racking is the best way to do it!

A Syncro racking solutions lets you achieve maximum potential. Not only do you convey a more professional image but you become more efficient too, saving yourself time and money and ensuring customer satisfaction.

If you own a VW Crafter and want to see other racking solutions, start looking here. If it’s lining systems for the Crafter that you are interested in, this is the page for you.

You can also see racking systems for interior finishing businesses in other makes and models of van: Transit Talento Crafter

Ask Syncro System for an obligation-free consultation now! We’ve specialised in van racking for nearly 30 years and in this time have fitted out over 90,000 vans.





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