A Syncro racking solution in a Crafter used to assist HGVs

A Syncro System mobile workshop in a Crafter L3H3

Size alone does not make a van great. You need a great racking system too – one that is designed to match your needs exactly. The photos on this page show a Volkswagen Crafter L3H3 with a Syncro System racking solution for a firm that provides roadside assistance for heavy goods vehicles. This racking system forms a truly effective mobile workshop, complete with a work area for repairs, a storage area for spare parts, and a good selection of useful accessories. To find out more about this particular solution, read on.

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Bodywork protection for the Volkswagen Crafter

Syncro System can supply and fit pre-shaped, pre-drilled and fully customised liners for any van. Syncro liners protect your vehicle against wear and damage, make cleaning so much easier, and provide solid anchorage for racking and accessories.

This VW Crafter used to assist HGVs is fitted with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface and stainless-steel edge protectors at the doors. The van’s doors and walls are lined with painted steel panels. The bulkhead liners are custom-made for this model and are divided into specially shaped sections of resin-coated plywood – the same material used to cover the floor. All Syncro liners come ready shaped to match the surface they are designed to protect and are produced on high-tech cutting machines at the Syncro System factory in Cassola, Vicenza.

The left of the Crafter: the work area with drawers and shelves

The left of the Crafter has been transformed into a work area with:

  • a work bench in marble-look plywood, complete with raised edges
  • four metal drawers with automatic latches, non-slip mats and internal space dividers
  • shelves of various sizes and capacities, also with mats and dividers, including one with a door, near the top
  • a top tray with a fold-down door at the rear
  • a floor-level case compartment with a lashing strap
  • an easily removable sealed tray for transporting liquid containers
  • an area at the bulkhead under the top tray, equipped with a compressor.

The right of the Crafter: the storage area

The racking on the right of the Crafter is designed to store all the tools, equipment, spares and sundries needed to provide roadside assistance for heavy goods vehicles. The floor-level compartment is enclosed by a lift-up door. Over it are eight metal drawers, two shelves and four cabinets of transparent containers. The bottom containers are longer and of a pull-out design while the top ones are shorter, better suited to the restricted space under the van’s roof, and open with a tilting action. A fold-away vice bench, complete with metal vice, is mounted on the racking side panel at the rear doors.

The Crafter’s bulkhead: the cargo area

The van’s bulkhead is equipped with three slider bars arranged in parallel at different heights. The top two are equipped with movable and adjustable hooks while that near the floor is fitted with lashing straps with sliding fittings. These are the ideal solution for securing fuel and oil cans in the leak-proof stainless-steel tray mounted on the floor. An externally powered oilless compressor delivering 240 l/min is fixed to the floor by brackets in the space between the left racking and the bulkhead.

All the accessories needed to make the VW Crafter 100% functional

A well-equipped mobile workshop like this could not do without certain accessories to boost the professionalism of those who work in it. The van is fitted with:

  • cleaning accessories: a handwash kit with holder, a disinfectant soap dispenser with holder and a paper roll holder
  • cargo retaining accessories: various slider bars, a fire extinguisher bracket on the side panel of the right racking and milled rails on the front of the left side racking
  • accessories for power tools: an inverter connected to the van’s battery and to a multi-socket over the work bench, a power socket for the compressor on the right rear door pillar, and a hose reel for supplying compressed air outside the vehicle

Get in touch with Syncro System and tell us exactly what you need.

This racking system in a Crafter for assisting HGVs clearly demonstrates the level of customisation you can achieve with Syncro System. No matter what you require for your van, just ask Syncro. We’ll soon find the solution you need.

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