A VW Crafter with Syncro racking

A Volkswagen Crafter L3H2 with racking for a plumber

Syncro has installed a large number of racking systems in the VW Crafter. On this page we present a good example of a van transformation completed by Syncro System for a customer who works in central heating and plumbing. The van is a large capacity L3H2 model. The Syncro team began by installing an almost complete set of custom-made interior liners before going on to fit racking along both side walls while leaving as much space as possible in the middle of the floor. This last objective was achieved thanks to the use of shallower racking on the right side. The transformation was completed by adding a selection of cargo retaining accessories to allow the customer to carry everything he needs in a safe and orderly manner.

An excellent set of liners for the VW Crafter

The first step in nearly all racking projects is to protect the interior of the van using lightweight but tough liners.

In this Crafter, the floor is protected by a plywood liner with a marble-look surface. The same material, in the form of panels cut and shaped to follow the contours of the bodywork, also covers the bulkhead behind the cab. The doors and side walls are lined with steel panels that brighten up the interior of the van and are easy to clean and extremely tough too.

Racking for cases, tools and materials on the left of the Crafter

The racking on the left of the van is designed to hold an assortment of tools, materials and consumables along with cases of all shapes and sizes. In particular, the configuration consists of:

  • a floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door
  • three metal drawers
  • three trays for metal cases
  • three configurable shelves with non-slip mats and space dividers
  • two open shelves installed with their flanges facing up
  • one open shelf installed with its flanges facing down, forming the bottom of a case compartment with lashing straps
  • a second case compartment installed directly beneath, at floor level, consisting of an end plate inside the forward side panel, a bar at the back with sliding attachments and a lashing strap that can be adjusted to suit cases of all sizes
  • a top tray for long objects, with access from the rear

Transparent containers: maximum capacity from minimum footprint

The racking on the right side consists entirely of transparent containers. Syncro System’s patented design gives these containers an extremely shallow footprint. This means they take up very little floor space in the van – little more than the wheel arch in fact – despite providing impressive storage capacity.

The various cabinets contain a total of thirty containers of different sizes, all of which tilt outwards to open and can be removed completely if needed. The largest containers are fitted with internal space dividers and can be used to carry hardware or spare parts of various sizes. The great advantage of this form of storage is that it is completely transparent, so there is no need to open anything to see what is inside. This means less time wasted searching for what you need and virtually no risk of running out of essential parts!

Accessories: a great way to maximise your van’s functionality

The VW Crafter on this page is equipped with a number of accessories to make it more practical as a working van.

Left side

  • a section of bar with a strap and sliding fittings on the rearward facing side panel
  • two lengths of milled rail, arranged horizontally along the edge of a shelf, and equipped with hooks

Right side

  • a bar rack mounted on the side door pillar, with a metal pocket on the floor and a bar and strap above it


  • a length of bar with straps and sliding attachments at the bottom
  • another length of bar with two movable cable holders at the top


  • three LED lights to provide uniform lighting in the back of the van

Contact us and discover how to turn your van into a great mobile workshop

The Syncro team is always ready to help you design the perfect racking system for your needs, but if you would like to see some other VW Crafter racking solutions first, look here. If you own another make or model of van, Syncro still has the right solution for you. Go to this page to view photo galleries of our fully customised racking systems arranged by make and model.

Call us now! Don’t wait to arrange a no-obligation consultation with our racking sector professionals. Remember that Syncro System has specialised in van racking since 1996!





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